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How to Make an Easter Garland in Minutes!

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Try this unique DIY Easter garland using tassels and floral stems for a global boho style perfect for mantels, bar carts, and shelves.

It can be hard for a DIY blogger to share original ideas with so many great resources for inspiration already on the web! I strive to come up with unique ways to decorate for the holidays and think outside the box when it comes to interior design. This is why I love partnering with Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living because I know she feels the same.

DIY Easter Garland with Flowers and Tassels

Diy Easter Garland Edited 2
DIY Easter Garland with Tassels and Cherry Blossoms
Very Global Easter 2020 and How to make Easter Garland
A Very Global Easter

Welcome to Day Six of A Very Global Easter Series where Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing globally-inspired Easter decorating ideas, DIYs, and printables. Here are my favorite tips for creating a DIY spring or Easter garland.

Like most projects, I try to reuse craft materials and decor I already have at home. Especially since I make something new every season and holiday and don’t want to end up accumulating too many things.

Diy Easter Garland Edited 3
DIY Colorful Easter Garland

I approach a new DIY in a couple of different ways. One, I already have an idea in my head and dig through crafting bins to find materials I can use for said idea. FYI, I limit myself on how much bins and decor I can keep to one small closet! 🙂

Or two, I only have a vague visualization of what I want to create so I look online for ideas I can put my own unique twist on. I also will take something right off a perfectly styled shelf to turn into something new!

Diy Easter Garland Edited 6
Easter Garland Ideas

How to make easter garland with unique materials.

  • Step one: Start with a long piece of material. It can be traditional green garland like eucalyptus or other spring variety, a piece of long-thick trim with pom-poms, tassels, or fringe, or narrow piece of fabric like a lightweight scarf.
Diy Easter Garland Edited 4
Spring Garland Ideas
  • Step two: Tuck in floral pieces and accents. I usually have a nice collection of floral and greenery pieces and from dollar bins or taken apart from older wreaths, garlands, and arrangements.
Diy Easter Garland Edited 5
Drape garland on piece of furniture like a bar cart.
  • Tip one: Group colors in different ways to reflect your decorating style. I love the impact using all of one color family or only warm or cool colors has; tone on tone. It can be bold or soft! Mix all the colors for an eclectic accent to traditional or farmhouse style.
Diy Easter Garland Edited 8
Eclectic Global Seasonal Decor
  • Tip two: Hang somewhere unusual. Drape your DIY spring/easter garland over a piece of focal art, a hallway opening, open shelf, hanging light fixture, or piece of furniture like a bar cart.
Diy Easter Garland Edited
Easter-Spring Vignette

It is so fun to turn crafting materials into seasonal decor. What do you have that you can use for easter garland?

Stop by Casa Watkins Living to see her pretty DIY Beaded Easter Garland.

Wooden Bead Garland With Flowers Tutorial
Casa Watkins Living Beaded Easter Garland

Find 20 spring decorating tips and more Easter DIYs at A Guide to Spring and Holidays.


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