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A Simple Way to Make a Beautiful DIY Easter Tree

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Create a gorgeous DIY Easter tree with Eucalyptus stems, washi eggs, and tassels for colorful seasonal decor inspired by global style.

I love taking traditional decor and turning it into a beautiful piece that fits my style. If you are into fresh and simple Easter ideas then you’ll love this DIY Easter tree with eucalyptus stems. No more dusty holiday decor from the attic my friend!

DIY Easter Tree with Washi Eggs and Tassels

Hi there!  Welcome to day 2 of A Very Global Easter!  If you are new to this series, Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living and I are teaming up to share 7 straight days of globally inspired decor and DIYs for Easter.  Yesterday we started with free printable art and today’s theme is DIY Easter Trees!

DIY Easter Tree with Washi Eggs
Colorful DIY Easter Tree

For my global inspiration, I used tassels and DIY Japanese washi eggs from last year.  I’ve been dying to use eucalyptus branches in my decor so I decided this was the perfect excuse to purchase some!

What you need for a global DIY Easter tree:

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Find the crafting supplies I use the most on my Amazon storefront page.

Easy DIY Easter Tree that’s globally inspired with tassels and Washi eggs
Tassels and Eggs

I used supplies from my craft bin but they were all from the 100 yen store (our local dollar store).

Here’s how to create an Eucalyptus Easter tree:

  • First, cut the baker’s string into 6-inch pieces and tie a loop through each tassel.
Tassels on an Easter Tree with eggs
Tassel and Egg Ornaments
  • Cut additional pieces for the eggs but tie the loop first.
Washi Easter eggs with dollar store supplies
Turn Easter Eggs into Ornaments
  • Secure a loop to each egg with a dot of hot glue.
Globally inspired Easter tree with tassels and DIY Washi eggs
Easter Egg Ornaments
  • Hang your tassels and washi eggs on the eucalyptus branches and enjoy the festive Easter tree.
Easter Eggs and Tassels

Mine turned out just how I envisioned and I love that I can keep using the eucalyptus branches in the future.  I did spend a little more on the faux branches to get some that looked really nice but both stems were still under $15.

Easter Tree DIY
Easter Tree Vignette

If you were around for all the Spring home tours last week, you might have spotted my Easter tree.  There are 25 home tours in all so make sure to check them out for all the Spring inspo this season!

DIY Easter Tree

Let’s go check out Stephanie’s gorgeous Global Style Easter Tree Centerpiece, shall we?

Global Style Easter Tree Centerpiece
Easter Tree at Casa Watkins Living

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.


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