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DIY Eclectic Fall Wreaths

Repurpose an empty picture frame into an easy DIY eclectic Fall wreath with dollar store supplies and decor around your house.

When my friend Ariel from PMQ for Two asked me to join her Fall eclectic wreath blog hop, I was thrilled!   Finding creative ways to repurpose items into new decor gets me excited.  

No need to rush to the craft store for every seasonal piece,  just shop the house (and maybe the dollar store) and let your imagination run wild.  Be inspired by this collection of DIY eclectic Fall wreaths.

If you are coming from Jennifer Priest, welcome!!

eclectic Fall wreath

What you need:

An empty frame

Dollar store greenery and pumpkins (eucalyptus and pinecones )

Floral wire

Craft paint (gold, white, and teal)

Forest animal

eclectic Fall wreath

Put it together:

The stems I found are Japanese persimmon (thanks to the knowledge of my readers!).

eclectic Fall wreath
eclectic Fall wreath

First, trim the vegetable (pumpkin, gourds, or fruit), and pull off stems and leaves to prepare for painting.

modern Fall wreath

Spray paint a couple of light coats or use a sponge brush and craft paint to change the colors of the squash into non-traditional Fall colors.   The colors I had on hand are gold, white, and teal. 

eclectic Fall wreath
eclectic Fall wreath

After the gourds are dry, re-attach the stems.  Use florist wire to attach all of the greenery to the wreath.  Hot glue pinecones into place last. 

modern Fall wreath

Use a forest animal to add some quirk to your modern eclectic wreath! 

eclectic Fall wreath

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  1. Hi Kathy,….my best guess on your unknown Okinawan gourd is that it might be a persimmon. And…as a Navy Junior…I completely get your need to fix the space you live in right now…cause you probably won’t be there too much longer. But it’s a small price to pay for a great lifestyle and opportunity to see the world.
    OK…back to your wreath…love that you threw in some nontraditional blue…it’s perfect. And it’ll be easy to morph into a Christmas wreath if you are so inclined.
    Thanks for sharing your great idea.

    Hugs, Lynn

  2. I think it’s a persimmon actually!

    Love the wreath 🙂 The eucalyptus and deer are perfection! True to your location too. Orange and fall leaves would look out of place in Japan.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I love the way you incorporated a frame as the base of your wreath. Such a fun shape that steps away from the traditional circle. Using teal instead of orange is also a fun way to spice up fall decor. Nicely done!

  4. Hi Kathy ! I’m a huge fan of DIY stuffs especially making beautiful wreath like that. Love the idea of white and gold connection but I’m impressed more with the change of the frame. the idea is interesting. thanks a lot for sharing.

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