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DIY Floral Paper Lantern and Summer Table Decor


Greetings friends.  Today’s DIY is part of the Summer Celebration series with 17 other fabulous bloggers.  Make sure to scroll down to the end for awesome summer crafts and diys.

DIY Floral Paper Lantern and Summer Table Decor

Floral Paper Lantern Dollar Store Pinterest

This fun diy was made with supplies from the dollar store.


Paper lantern

Faux flowers (10 stems)


Hot glue


Step one: Pull flower heads off of stems.  Be careful not to pull off the bottom part of the flower that holds it together.  If that happens, just use a little drop of hot glue to hold it back together.


Step two: Trim flower stems with scissors so they have a flat “bottom” to glue. (You can totally skip step one and just cut the stem from the beginning.  I found that pulling the flower heads off before trimming the stem was easier.) flowers-stem

Step three:  Hot glue flowers onto paper lantern.  For a fuller and flatter look, put a drop of hot glue on the back petals to hold them in place.

The lantern I found had pink cherry blossoms on it, so I placed my flowers on the existing pattern.


Optional:  Trim left over leaves and fill in between flowers.


Step four:   Hang with white floss or fishing wire. SONY DSC For my summer table decor I started with a yellow “table runner” (aka fabric I had on hand) to match the floral paper lantern.

I added yard clippings to an empty candle jar and corralled items we frequently use on a tree slice.


My vintage lettuce plates brings back warm memories of estate sale shopping with my grandfather in Fort Worth and funny enough, the brass bunny is from him as well.


We get so much natural light into our home, I kept things simple and clean.  The white table set, floors, curtains, and walls are the perfect backdrop for the floral paper lantern and a little pop of color on the table.


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Make sure to check out my summer page full of DIYs, decorating tips, and printables for the season.


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