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How to Decorate a Paper Lantern with Brilliant Floral Accents


Learn how to decorate a paper lantern with flowers on a budget for your next celebration or to update your home decor!

Hi friend! I’m excited to share a DIY gem with you today, a beautiful floral paper lantern. And guess what? You can easily gather all your supplies at a local dollar store!

Just picture those balmy summer evenings, with soft floral lanterns casting a spellbinding glow. It’s like bringing a slice of paradise straight into your home or setting the scene for an unforgettable outdoor gathering.

Decorate a paper lantern with faux flowers from the dollar store.
How to Decorate a Paper Lantern with Flowers

This floral paper lantern is also very versatile as a clever solution for hiding unsightly pot lights in a rental (like I did) or for those decorating on a tight budget. Whether you’re adding flair to your space, orchestrating a whimsical wedding celebration, or simply infusing your rental with a dash of personality, these lanterns are an absolute must-have.

Let’s dive into this fun DIY!

How to Decorate a Paper Lantern with Flowers

If you are new here, howdy! I’m a retired military spouse who moved back to Texas after being gone for 19 years.

I perfected the art of rental decorating and overcoming challenges in small spaces for over fifteen years but now am tackling homeownership with a new set of challenges!

Our family of four lived in some of the most beautiful coastal towns in the US and Japan which have influenced my colorful and global style with DIYs and furnishings in our one-story 60’s ranch-style home in Fort Worth.

Supplies for a DIY Floral Paper Lantern:

  • Paper lantern (Round paper lanterns are easily found at dollar, craft, or party stores, and online for under $2.)
  • Faux flowers (10 stems)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and glue sticks
A paper lantern from Daiso
A Paper Lantern from Daiso
Dollar store flowers in orange, red, yellow, and white.
Dollar Store Flowers

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Prep Your Flowers: Carefully remove flower heads from the stems, ensuring not to disrupt their integrity. If any mishaps occur, a dab of hot glue will do the trick to keep them intact.
  2. Trim the Stems: Give your flower stems a little snip to create a flat “bottom” for easy gluing. You can also skip pulling the flowers off first and trim the stems directly, it might be easier depending on your faux flower!
  3. Get Gluing: Time to get crafty! Use hot glue to affix your flowers onto the paper lantern. For a lush and seamless look, apply a small drop of glue to the back petals to secure them in place.
  4. Optional Touches: Trim any leftover leaves and fill in the gaps between the flowers for a fuller effect.
  5. Hang seamlessly: Install your creation by hanging it with delicate white floss or fishing wire. Use small command hooks to attach the top lantern hanger to a ceiling over a pot light or just on its own.
Remove the stem from the flowers head.
Remove the Stem

The lantern I found had pink cherry blossoms on it, so I placed my flowers on the existing pattern.

Hot glue flowers onto the paper lanter.
Attach Flowers with Hot Glue

Paper Lantern Decoration Ideas

  1. Flower Harmony: Harmonize your flower selections with wedding colors or party decor, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look throughout. Whether it’s delicate pastels for a romantic affair or vibrant hues for a lively celebration, matching your floral accents to the overall theme adds an elegant touch of refinement.
  2. Lantern Bouquet: Consider incorporating smaller paper lanterns in complementary colors to create a captivating paper lantern bouquet. This charming arrangement adds depth and dimension to your decor, infusing the space with a delightful burst of color and whimsy.
  3. Illuminate with Elegance: Enhance the ambiance of your event or home decor by illuminating your lanterns with battery-operated tea lights or fairy lights. These gentle glows cast a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for intimate gatherings or romantic evenings under the stars. Opt for soft, flickering lights to create a magical effect that captivates the senses.
  4. Convenient Lighting Solutions: If using the paper lantern as a permanent fixture, consider utilizing a battery-operated light with a remote for added convenience and versatility. This allows you to effortlessly adjust the brightness or turn the light on and off from a distance, ensuring effortless control over your lighting scheme without the need for cumbersome cords or switches.

Q&A About Decorating with Paper Lanterns

Q: How do I choose the right size paper lantern for my space?
A: When selecting a paper lantern size, consider the scale of your space and the desired visual impact. For larger areas or high ceilings, opt for larger lanterns to make a bold statement. Conversely, smaller lanterns work well in cozy nooks or intimate settings. Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose sizes that feel harmonious with your surroundings.

Q: Can I use real flowers to decorate my paper lanterns?
A: While real flowers can add a beautiful touch to paper lanterns, they may wilt over time, especially if the lanterns are exposed to heat or moisture. To achieve a similar effect with longevity, consider using high-quality faux flowers or silk blooms. These options offer durability and retain their beauty throughout your event or decor display. Consider using dried flowers as an alternative to faux.

Hang paper lanterns with fishing wire or attach to the ceiling with command strips to cover pothole lights.
Hang Paper Lantern Over Pothole Light in a Rental

Q: How can I hang paper lanterns safely indoors?
A: To hang paper lanterns indoors safely, use lightweight, clear fishing line or thin wire to secure them to ceiling hooks or fixtures. Ensure that the hanging mechanism can support the weight of the lanterns and avoid overloading the attachment points. Additionally, keep lanterns away from heat sources such as light bulbs or candles to prevent fire hazards.

Q: Are paper lanterns suitable for outdoor use?
A: Yes, paper lanterns can be used outdoors to create enchanting atmospheres for garden parties, weddings, or other outdoor events. However, it’s essential to protect them from inclement weather conditions such as rain or strong winds. Consider using weather-resistant paper lanterns or placing them under covered areas to prevent damage and ensure longevity.

Q: How can I customize paper lanterns to match my event theme?
A: Get creative with customization options to match your event theme! Experiment with painting, decoupage, or embellishments like ribbons, beads, or glitter to add personal touches. You can also customize the lanterns with themed cutouts, stickers, or stencils for a cohesive look that reflects your unique style and vision.

Make sure to check out my summer page full of DIYs, decorating tips, and printables for the season.

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