Make DIY Flower Garland with Fairy Lights in 5 Minutes

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Make a beautiful flower garland with fairy lights, flowers, and floral wire for a unique Spring decorating accessory!

I adore coming up with a quick seasonal DIY using crafting supplies I already have. So pull out your fairy lights and I will share how to make flower lights in minutes!

DIY Flower Garland Lights

Welcome back to A Very Global Easter! My good friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living and I have been hosting this annual series for a few years now. We love to come up with globally inspired seasonal decor. You can find seven days of Easter ideas for this year and previous years on A Very Global Easter page.

Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 10
DIY Flower Garland with Fairy Lights
Very Global Easter 2021
A Very Global Easter

This fun flower garland DIY makes Day Seven for this year. Make sure to check out these other ideas below.

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How to Make Flower Garland

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What you need:

Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized
Fairy Lights with Green Wire and Flower Heads
Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 2
Supplies for DIY Flower Garland

How to Make Flower Garland Lights

  • Wrap the beaded floral wire around the fairy lights wire. Do not wrap too tightly, space it out 2-3 inches.
Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 3
Wrap Floral Beaded Wire around Fairy Lights Cord
  • Continue wrapping until you reach the end. Trim the floral wire if needed. Make sure both ends are pinched around the cord to securely hold in place.
Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 4
Green Beaded Wire Wrapped around Green Cord of Lights
  • Remove the plastic insert (flower pistil) on the front and back of each flower head by pulling them apart.
Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 5
Colorful Silk Flowers for Flower Lights
Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 6
Remove the Middle from the Flower
  • Poke each fairy light bulb through the middle of a flower by gently pushing it through with the flower facing out.
Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 7
Push Flowers onto Bulbs
Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 8
DIY Flower Lights

I used each flower color once and then repeated the pattern until I reached the end. Isn’t the rainbow of colors lovely?

Diy Flower Garland Lights Wm Resized 9
DIY Flower Garland with Lights Off
Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 4
DIY Flower Garland Lights On

What to do with the DIY flower lights

You can shape the floral lights into a wreath by winding them into a circle. Or place them on a piece of furniture to add a touch of Spring. I love how they look in my dining room mimicking the bright floral curtains. They really pop on my DIY white cane cabinet.

Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 5
Flower Lights on Cane Cabinet

I think they would look really great draped around a mirror in the foyer or bathroom too!

Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 6
Close Up of Cane Cabinet with DIY Flower Garland
Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 13
Bright and Colorful Dining Room for Spring

See how easy it is to make a flower garland in only a few minutes? I hope this series inspired you to try some globally inspired Easter DIYs. Make sure to head to Casa Watkins Living for more ideas! You are also invited to my Colorful Spring Home Tour where you will find 30+ other homes listed.

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. So easy and colorful! Plus, I have all the elements on hand. I’ll be trying this today! Thanks for the inspiration!

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