Give Your Glass Kitchen Canisters a Makeover with this Easy DIY

Try an easy kitchen canister makeover with a simple DIY to give glass jars a stylish update with copper lids and chalkboard labels.

Looking for ways to spruce up the kitchen on a budget? I’m excited to share a glass canister DIY that is perfect for displaying out on the kitchen counter or shelf.

Glass Canister DIY with Copper Lids and Chalkboard Labels

We have been using IKEA’s DROPPAR jars to hold our day-to-day ingredients for a few years now. Our family moves around often since we are a military family and our current kitchen situation is a rental house in beautiful Okinawa, Japan.

A before and after collage of IKEA glass canisters in a white tiled kitchen with copper lids and chalkboard labels makeover.
Kitchen Canister Makeover

We live super close to the Pacific ocean with a beach just blocks down the street. Our house is full of natural light with lots of windows and doors including steel shutters for typhoon season.

The kitchen is almost all white with various tints in the linoleum floors, tile backsplash, walls, and appliances. I’ve been busy finding ways to add more interest with simple makeovers on a budget.

I recently found dollar store copper pulls to temporarily replace plastic ones and it inspired me to add copper elsewhere.

A Glass Canister DIY with Copper Lids and Chalkboard Labels

A Glass Canister DIY with Copper Lids and Chalkboard Labels

Give your kitchen canister set a makeover in a few simple steps.


  • IKEA DOPPAR Canisters or other kitchen container sets
  • Copper spray paint
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk
  • Clear coat of acrylic spray paint or polyurethane


  • Painter's tape
  • Cardboard or other painting surface
  • Paint brush


  1. Clean canisters and lids and let them dry completely.
  2. Layout lids on a drop cloth, cardboard, or other disposable surfaces in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Read the instructions on your spray can for the best results. Shake can at least 60 seconds. Test the paint spray on a scrap piece. Spray a light coat on the lids paying attention to the sides and holding the can 12-18 inches away. Slowly move the can back and forth to prevent drips. Metallic paint has great coverage so one coat may cover the lids completely. If not, spray a second coat once the first coat is dry to the touch.
  4. Optional: Spray a coat of clear or polyurethane paint to protect against dings and scratches.
  5. Cut a piece of paper down to the size of a label that will fit on your canisters. Prep your glass or other material canisters by marking out a rectangle with the paper template using painter's tape.
  6. Use a small craft brush and paint chalkboard paint onto the canisters. Let dry. Add a second coat if needed.
  7. Carefully remove the painter's tape. Touch up paint as needed.
  8. Optional: Once dry, season the chalkboard labels with a piece of chalk by rubbing it on and wiping it off a few times.
  9. Place your favorite ingredients in the canisters and display them on the kitchen counter or shelf.


Your label sizes can be different on different size canisters. You can spray-paint the entire lid even if it is glass and/or metal. Save on materials and use whatever paint you already have!

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What You Need for Canister DIY

Even though I used the IKEA Doppar canister set for this simple makeover, any kitchen canister or jar set that needs an update would work! Even outdated ceramic or plastic ones.

You’ll also need your favorite metallic paint and chalkboard paint or match your kitchen colors with the lid paint. Don’t forget newspaper or scrap cardboard, painter’s tape, and a paintbrush.

How to Makeover Kitchen Canisters

First, you’ll want to clean and dry the canisters if needed. I just wiped the outsides of mine and kept the ingredients inside.

Lay your lids in a well-ventilated area and spray 1-2 coats of metallic spray paint. Seal with a coat of clear or polyurethane.

Copper spray painted canister lids laying on a white table.
Canister Lid Update

Tape out a rectangle in the middle of each canister to create a label. Use a piece of paper or business card for a template.

A business card as a template to tape out a label on a glass canister.
Card Template for Label
A glass canister with painter's tape marking where a chalkboard label will be painted.
Tape Out Label for Chalkboard Paint

Paint 2 coats of chalkboard paint for each label letting the paint dry to the touch between layers.

How to paint DIY chalkboard paint labels on glass canisters with painter's tape and paint.
DIY Chalkboard Labels

After the last coat of chalkboard paint, while it is still wet, remove the painter’s tape. This will help prevent peeling that you can get with dry paint and painter’s tape. Touch up any streaks or spots as needed.

A glass canister set on a white kitchen table with DIY chalkboard paint labels.
Glass Canister Set

Wait 24 hours for the paint to cure then season the chalkboard labels with chalk.  Simply rub chalk on the paint then wipe off.

An IKEA doppar canister set gets a cute makeover with copper spray painted lids and DIY chalkboard paint labels.  The set is setting on a tiled shelf in a rental house in Okinawa, Japan.
DIY Canister Makeover
An ikea glass canister hack with copper lids and chalkboard paint labels.  Three canisters set on a tiled shelf with rice, pasta, and oatmeal.
IKEA Glass Canister Hack

Don’t they look spiffy? I really like how they tie in with the copper pulls.

IKEA Doppar Makeover

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A kitchen canister makeover in a rental kitchen showing IKEA doppar glass canisters with DIY copper lids and chalkboard labels on a white tiled shelf with contact paper cabinets and copper pulls, stainless steel counter, and white fridge.
Kitchen Canister Makeover in a Rental Kitchen

They also match DIY seasoning and spice jars that are over my oven-stop top. Make sure to see this full kitchen makeover for more rental-friendly kitchen ideas and our next rental kitchen in mainland Japan!

I also love these decorating tips for glass canisters and a beautiful display idea.

Do you have any favorite IKEA hacks?

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