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Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Make Easter Egg Garland

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Turn cheap plastic Easter eggs into a gorgeous elegant egg garland for Easter decor in minutes with this easy DIY. Use painted or colorful plastic eggs.

If there is a way to turn plastic Easter eggs into beautiful seasonal decor, I’ll find it! I tend to use items I have on hand and repurpose old decor to create new pieces for each holiday so I don’t accumulate too many things. It’s very satisfying to change something to fit with a current style or mood. And that’s just what I did for an Easter egg garland DIY this year!

Hi there. Welcome to day six of A Very Global Easter where Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing seven days of globally inspired Easter DIYs and decorating tips.  We are getting close to wrapping it up but have a couple of more to share with you. 

Modern Moody Easter Egg Garland 640x962 1
Easter Egg Garland DIY

Today our theme is Easter garland ideas and I’m excited to show you how I transformed cheap plastic Easter eggs into a pretty modern-moody egg garland.  Make sure to scroll down to see what my talented cohost did! 

How to Make Plastic Easter Egg Garland

Optional: Paint your plastic Easter eggs in colors that fit with your decor.

  • Start by spray painting plastic eggs with chalkboard spray paint or primer.
  • Once they are dry,  use craft paint and gave each one two coats of a favorite hue.

Diy Easter Eggs Botancial Hand Painted Moody Colors with candle sticks on a white table
Eggs in Moody Colors
  • Did you know notice that plastic eggs already have a hole in each end?   This makes it super easy to thread fishing wire through to make egg garland.
Boho Easter Basket And Egg Garland 5
Thread Fishing Wire through Plastic Eggs
  • Start by threading a small button or bead on one end of the fishing wire so the eggs don’t slip off. Continue by threading eggs on one by one. Use a long needle or open the eggs to make threading easier. Add a second button or bead after the last egg is on.
Boho Easter Basket And Egg Garland 6 640x962 1
Plastic Easter Egg Garland

Hang on a fireplace mantel, piece of furniture, or drape over a piece of art or mirror for a beautiful Easter vignette!

Gold Bunny Bank

I hung my Easter egg garland around a piece of art over the foyer cabinet and added a gold bunny bank to complete the holiday decor. 

I love how the colors tie into our hallway art gallery.  This is the view right when you walk in the front door.

modern DIYeaster egg garland around a wall of art
DIY Easter Egg Garland in Foyer

I was planning on doing a bit more but I’ve been fighting a cold this last week and am lacking my usual energy.  I am planning on decorating for spring soon!

Egg Garland around art and a woman's bust
Plastic Egg Garland
gold bunny on books and DIY egg garland around art with daphne, a ceramic bust
DIY Easter Egg Garland

I hope you are enjoying the Easter series as much as we are!  You can find all previous posts at A Very Global Easter page.    Now let’s go visit Casa Watkins Living and see her pretty  Spring Succulent Garland DIY!

Diy Spring Bead Garland
Spring Garland Ideas

Have you tried decorating plastic Easter eggs? I’ve had fun turning them into DIY Washi Eggs, Moroccan wedding blanket inspired eggs, and floral with velvet trim eggs. I’m slowly running out of regular plastic eggs to hide for my kids!

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.



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