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Easy DIY Moss Easter Eggs with Plastic Eggs


Transform cheap plastic eggs into beautiful moss Easter eggs with this easy DIY. Part of A Very Global Easter series.

Are you looking for a creative way to transform cheap plastic eggs? I save the traditional dying eggs craft for the family but love repurposing our plastic eggs into seasonal decor for a Spring home! Check out how easy it is to cover Easter eggs with moss with this simple tutorial.

DIY Moss Covered Easter Eggs

Welcome back to A Very Global Easter series where my good friend Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing 7 days of globally inspired Easter and Spring decorating ideas and DIYs. We kicked off the series with DIY Easter trees yesterday and now it’s time for DIY Easter eggs.

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DIY Moss Covered Easter Eggs
Very Global Easter 2021
A Very Global Easter

My inspiration for this year comes from Japan. We were lucky enough to be stationed there for four years and I immensely enjoyed learning about traditional decorating and design and finding new ways to infuse them into my own style.

I decided to create moss-covered Easter eggs that are inspired by Japanese kokedama which you probably know as hanging moss balls/plants! The idea of planting plant roots in a mud ball covered with moss instead of a planter held together by string or fishing wire is fascinating to me.

Kokedama was always on display in trendy plant and flower shops in Japan and flows with the natural and organic decorating styles of modern Japanese culture. It’s surprisingly, very similar to Swedish or Nordic decor. I created a similar look by using decorative floral wire wrapped around moss-covered eggs.

What you need to make moss covered eggs:

  1. Plastic Easter eggs
  2. Hot glue gun and sticks
  3. Moss
  4. A cookie sheet or casserole dish
  5. Decorative floral wire

How to make moss covered Easter eggs:

  • Break up the moss on a cookie sheet or casserole dish
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 2
Cover Plastic Eggs with Moss
  • Hot glue about 1/4 of the egg and press the glue portion into the moss being careful to avoid burning your fingers. Wait a few seconds and pull off loose parts. You can keep pressing the moss on the pan until the glue completely hardens. It’s okay if the moss is still clumpy and messy on the egg!
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 4
Use a cookie sheet to contain the mess!
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 5
Glue Moss on Plastic Egg
  • Repeat the last step until your egg is completely covered.
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 6
Hot Glue a Small Portion
  • Use your hands to cup the egg and flatten the moss around it. Remove or add moss to keep the coverage consistency. Don’t squeeze the egg too hard or it will pop open if you are using plastic eggs.
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 3
Gently Squeeze the Moss to Lay Flat
  • Wrap decorative or floral wire around it a couple of times and twist the ends together.
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 7
Wrap Moss Egg with Floral Wire
  • Trim any long moss pieces that won’t stay flat with scissors.
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 10
Moss Easter Eggs on Candelabra
Moss Easter Eggs Resized Watermark 9
Bright and Colorful Fancy Easter Decor

They can be messy so try not to move them around too much! Display them on candlestick holders, in a pretty bowl or basket, or egg cups. I love how they look with our floral curtains on my grandmother’s silver candelabra next to her portrait.

Make sure to check out Stephanie’s Easter egg votive and stop by next week for more ideas.

Egg Votive Casa Watkins Living
DIY Egg Votive Candles

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