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Well, howdy! This post is a little late today because I am feeling a bit under the weather. So sorry about that. But, I am excited to share this easy tutorial with you. If you have been following any of Stringtown Home’s link parties, then you know today’s theme is sheet music, books pages, and canvas.  Last week I was in a cute little store in downtown Kirkland and saw paper flowers Christmas garland and knew that it would be the perfect DIY project.

DIY Music Christmas Garland

Here’s what you need:


Sheet music (I printed out 5 sheets of a Christmas Carol, double-sided)


Flower Template




You can see that I used tacky glue and crochet thread.

Prep the flowers:

Create a three point flower template from a scrap piece of cardboard, trace it on the sheet music, and cut out the shapes.  I was able to cut all 5 pages at once to make the process go faster.


Assemble the garland:

Put a drop of glue in the center of a flower and pinch the middle of it to create a pointy bottom.

While you are pinching the bottom of the flower,  let the glue dry a little, and use a pen to roll the edge of the flower petals.

Once, you have finished all of the flowers, let them dry for a few hours.

Thread your needle and string your flowers from the inside center.  You are finished!!

garland-1 garland-2 garland-3

Have you tried your hand at any papercrafts recently? I would love to hear about it!

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