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DIY No-Sew Cloth Napkins

Make DIY no-sew cloth napkins in two EASY steps!! Customize your table with scrap fabric or recycled textile and this simple DIY.

Hello there!  I’m so sorry about missing a post last week.  We are preparing for typhoon Goni so I spent all of my free time showing my parents around the island.  I did play catch up this weekend so we’ll do lots of DIY this week.  Okay?

Today’s DIY are super duper easy DIY no-sew cloth napkins.   So pull out your fabric scraps and let’s get making!




Pinking sheers


fabric pin


How to:

Use an existing cloth napkin for a template or use these measurements:

18x 18 or 20x 20 inch for a lunch napkin

22×22 inch for a dinner napkin

Step one:

Use the fabric pin to measure or trace your napkin size onto the backside of the fabric.cutting-fabric-fulltracing-fabric

(Keepin’ it real in pjs and no makeup. Thanks mama for taking action shots!)

Step two:

Cut along the lines with pinking sheers. cutting-fabric

Wah-lah! A lovely cloth napkin. 🙂


Tip:  Be careful to line up your pinking sheer cuts so the triangles are even all of the way around! 


No you have this DIY trick up your sleeve, you can customize all of your luncheons and dinner parties! Or at least use some of your fabric stash. SONY DSC

I purchased this fabric 7 months ago when we first arrived on Okinawa.  I used it to cover our hotel room kitchen table. 🙂 SONY DSC

I really like the neutral colors and subtle pattern in it.   🙂

Well, think of us as we are bunkered down in our house and putting puzzles together during the typhoon! This is the first one I’m going through without my husband.  So glad my mama (and her homemade cookies) are here.

Click HERE to find awesome seashell place card settings to go with your new cloth napkins!





  1. Hey Kathy!
    Cute napkins, I love the fabric. Question, what type of fabric did you use? Also, should I worry about it unraveling? Sorry for the questions, I’m just a newbie when it comes to fabric!

    1. Thanks Leslie! It’s just a light cotton fabric from the Fabric Guy that sets up the base’s exchange. Since I cut the edge using pinking sheers it won’t unravel. 🙂

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