DIY Patriotic Pinwheels


Create DIY patriotic pinwheels with pretty scrap booking paper and supplies in your kitchen. Use modern prints in aqua, orange, pink, and red for fresh seasonal decor.

Hi there!  Do you need a last minute idea for Fourth of July decor?  Check out these super easy DIY Patriotic Pinwheels.  pinwheels-pinterest-661x800“Shop” your house for some pretty scrap book paper, scissors, glue or stapler and string, and skewers.pinwheels-diy-670x800

*warning* The word “half” is used in abundance!

Step 1:  If you have single sided paper like I used, put two sheets together back to back to make it double sided otherwise skip to step 2.

Step 2:  Fold your paper like an accordion.  (That’s a technical term, lol!)

Steps 3-4:  Cut your accordion in half, each half will make half of a pinwheel.

Step 5:  Fold one half in half and secure with glue or staple the two ends to form a half circle.  Do the same with the other half.

Step 6:  Use a piece of string to thread through the two halves and tie together or glue.   Staple or glue the open edges together.   I used another staple to create a pocket for the skewer.  Of course, glue would do the trick! pinwheels-3-610x800Create a lovely bouquet or garland with your pinwheels!

pinwheels-2-629x800 (1)

I put mine in a family heirloom vase from my grandmother.   It completes the dining room patriotic decor and reminds me of my grandparents.  😉pinwheels-4-643x800

pinwheels-vertical-591x800Click here to download my free Fourth of July printable and to see more of the living room Red, White, and Blue decor.pinwheels-livingroom

Our Misha-dog snuck into the last pic. 😉  She’s so cute but hard to see with that dark coat! I didn’t have the heart to tell her to move.

Are you so excited for this holiday weekend?  We get to have my husband home for a four day weekend.  He’s been working so much it almost feels like he’s deployed.  Almost. What are your plans?

Make sure to check out my summer page full of DIYs, decorating tips, and printables for the season.


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    1. Thanks Niki! I’m going to have a hard time putting them away this week. 😉 They may just have to go to a different room. lol

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