How to Make DIY Plaster Dipped Leaves in 2 Easy Steps

Makes these easy DIY Plaster Leaves in minutes. Great to use as a garland or for a pretty Fall table setting.

Do you love creating Fall decor as much as I do? I’m always looking for creative ways to repurpose or use dollar store items in seasonal decorating. Of course, I want it to be fresh and modern!

Check out this easy Fall leaf DIY with Plaster of Pairs and create a unique garland or table place setting accent.

DIY Plaster Leaves with Dollar Store Foliage

In my first few years of blogging, I created a lot of seasonal, decorating, and organizing series. I really enjoyed sharing a full week of Fall DIYs and these plaster dipped leaves were one of my favorites and still popular with my readers today!

A plaster dipped dollar store leaf is on a cute white and grey place table setting.
Dipping Leaves in Plaster of Paris

If you are new here, howdy! I’m a recently retired military spouse who moved back to Texas after being gone 19 years. I’ve perfected the art of rental decorating and overcoming challenges in small spaces the last fifteen years but now am tackling homeownership with a new set of challenges! I love infusing a colorful, global style with DIYs and furnishings in our one-story 60’s ranch-style home.

What you need for plaster dipped leaves:

For this Fall DIY, I knew I wanted to do something with my dollar tree leaves and wanted it more modern. I always start by looking to see if there is something in the house I can use.  After rummaging around, I remembered my big tub of Plaster of Paris. Bingo!

I’ve had success with plaster-dipped flowers so I was excited to dip something else.

A bowl of beautiful plaster flowers.
  • Silk leaves (mine are from the Dollar Tree)
  • Plaster of Paris, mixing container and spoon
  • Wax Paper
  • Jute Twine
A tub or plaster of paris is next to dollar store maple leaves for DIY plaster leaves.

How to dip silk leaves in Plaster of Paris:

  1. Lay out a piece of wax paper for you leaves to dry on.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Plaster of Paris container and mix up a paste in a plastic mixing bowl like tupperware or disposable dish. You want the consistency to be like tooth paste. I like to mix mine right in the sink for easy clean up.
  3. Work quickly and hold a leaf by the stem and dip it into the plaster. Make sure it is completely coated then shake off excess plaster before laying on the wax paper.
  4. Have them dry for a few hours, then carefully peel them off of the wax paper.  Let them sit overnight before you use them.
Plaster dipped leaves are drying on wax paper on a green countertop.
Plaster Leaves Drying on Wax Paper

Aren’t they pretty? Tie them to jute twine or other decorative string by the stems to create a garland.

Two rows of four plaster dipped dollar store leaves on a wood table with string.
Plaster Dipped Artificial Leaves
A plaster leaf is tied by the stem with twine to hang as garland.
Plaster Leaf Garland

They also look pretty as decor or on top of a place setting at the table.

A plaster leaf is on a grey napkin with white plates in a table setting.
Plaster Dipped Leaf Place Setting Topper

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The leaves were such a great shape for plaster.  You could also use a variety of flowers and leaves dipped in plaster for garland or glue to a picture frame for unique decor.

DIY plaster leaf garland hanging on a black board.
DIY Plaster Leaf Garland

Here are other ideas for using Plaster of Paris I think you’ll enjoy!

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