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DIY Pumpkin Tree


Hi there!  Did you get a chance to visit our  Witches Tea?  I’ve been dying to show you how I created the pumpkin tree inspired by Country Living magazine.   It’s been making a seasonal debut for 5 years now!  You’ll get to see it styled many different ways.

diy pumpkin tree on bookcase

Supplies: (from your local craft store!)

Faux Pumpkins (I used 6 inches to 14 inches)

Black Craft Paint

Paint Brush



pumpkin DIY in 3 easy steps

Make it:

1. Set up your pumpkins vertically on a bookcase.  Try different sizes to fit them the best way.  Have a couple of smaller ones side by side at the top for branches.

Tip: To stack a couple of pumpkins on one shelf, cut off the stem off of the bottom one with a serrated knife or box cutter.

2. Sketch an outline of a tree trunk with a few branches in pencil or just wing it with paint!

3. Fill in the out line with black paint.

easy diy pumpkin tree in 3 steps

Styling tips, option one:  Start decorating your bookcase from scratch.  Remove your everyday decor and books. Shop the house for black and white accessories or any other color that says halloween to you.

I enjoyed adding critters, a vial of blood, silhouettes, a Shakespeare book, and dark foliage one year.

halloween decor with a DIY pumpkin tree

Styling tips, option two:  Work with what you already have.  Remove items for one side or the center of your bookcase and put your pumpkin tree in place.  Exchange a few of your decor items with dollar tree crows, rats, or any other halloween paraphernalia.

pumpkin tree on halloween bookcase
witches tea decorating ideas

The cool thing about the Pumpkin Tree is that you can turn them around to show the blank side for Thanksgiving/Fall Decor after Halloween.  Wouldn’t it be also adorable with mini pumpkins in a smaller vignette?

Where would you put a pumpkin tree in your home? Would you use white or orange pumpkins?

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how to host a witches tea party with free printables


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