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DIY Ranunculus Flowers A Simple Guide for Lasting Blooms

Create gorgeous DIY ranunculus flowers with tissue paper, craft glue, and florist tape/wire. The perfect bouquet that lasts forever.

Hello, my crafty friend! Today, I’m super excited to share with you a fun, easy-to-follow project, making your very own paper Ranunculus flowers. Don’t worry if you’re not a craft expert, this simple tutorial has descriptive DIY pictures that will help you every step of the way.

Paper flowers with tissue paper in a clear vase.
DIY Paper Flowers

Ranunculus is considered a lush accent flower in floral designs, having lovely layers of delicate petals, and they make a great, colorful addition to your room

The best part? I am using plastic Easter eggs and tissue paper to make them! Yes, you probably already have the supplies in your home right now.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the two, and let’s make some DIY flower paper magic with this easy paper ranunculus guide:

How To Make Artificial Flowers: DIY Ranunculus Paper Flowers

Supplies for paper flowers:

  • Tissue paper in shades of pink, yellow, and white (You can use coffee filter paper if you have it.)
  • Plastic Easter Egg
  • Stems (from an artificial flower, florist wire, or skewer )
  • Scissor, Hot glue gun with sticks
  • Quick-drying craft glue (I prefer using Elmer’s glue for its fast setting)

To achieve precise shapes and consistent sizing for your paper Ranunculus, you might want to use Sturdy cardboard for templates, a Pencil, a Straight edge, or a ruler.

Tissue Paper Handling Advice:

  • “To “cup” a petal, gently shape it with your fingers for a natural curved look.
  • For added strength, use double-sided tape to stick two layers of tissue paper together.
  • If painting your petals, color them first, let them dry, and then begin assembling your flower.
Make paper Ranunculus flower step by step pictures.
Step-by-Step Paper Ranunculus Flower

Steps to Craft Your DIY Flower Paper, Ranunculus Bloom – Design #1

1. For the stamina:  Cut squares  (roughly 1 1/2 inches) out of yellow tissue paper and twist each one to create a stamen.

2. Wad a little piece of tissue to create the round center, about the size of a grape, and hot glue to the stem.

If you are working with the florist wire as a stem, attach it to the small ball of tissue by dipping the wire tip in hot glue and pushing it approximately 1cm into the sphere. Allow the glue to set slightly!

3. Now, use florist tape in a darker hue of green for the flower’s central base, and start wrapping the stamina around the center of the flower.

4. For Crafting Petals: Begin by tracing a petal template onto cardboard and carefully cut it to create a sturdy template. 

Now, start cutting your petals out of 2 or 3 different colors using the template. These should be cut just a bit at the base and cupped to create a full effect

Note: Follow the template for proper shaping and size. Keep the petals organized in small stacks to make sizing adjustments easier later on.

5.  Using a small amount of Elmer’s glue (or other craft glue) along the base of each petal, attach petals around the stem.  Add more layers for a flower that appears full and lush, or just 2 or 3 layers. (The last picture above has 3 layers of petals.)

6.  Wrap florist tape around the bottom of the flower petals and stem, making sure to cover any visible central base or glue.

Creating Leaves for Your Paper Ranunculus:

Cut out the leaf shapes, then use scissors to press in some lines for the veins. You can also attach artificial leaves to the stem with glue and shape them for realism.

Note:  It’s totally up to you how many green leaves you want to add to your stems.

Use half of a plastic egg shell for a mold for a full paper flower.  Step by step pictures for ranunculus flowers with tissue paper.
Hack for Full Paper Flowers

Step-By-Step DIY For A Full Ranunculus FlowerDesign #2

1.  Cut long strips of tissue paper.

2.  Add some glue to the bottom of a plastic Easter egg. (use the round side)

3.  Scrunch the paper (like an accordion) and stuff an Easter egg.  Keep adding strips until it’s full.

4.  Hot glue the stem onto the bottom of the egg.

5.  Add petals, letting the top of them overlap the egg cup. When you have a few layers, scrunch the top with your hand to create a round shape.

6.  Finish by wrapping florist tape around the petals’ bases and stems.

Note: You can add a few green parts (sepal and leaves) at the bottom of the flower. Shape them with the stylus or pen and glue them on. Stick the smallest green leaves onto the stem close to the flowers.

They are so cute, and they’ll last longer than cut flowers.  

Beautiful tissue paper flowers in a clear vase.
DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

And that’s it! You’ve just created a beautiful paper Ranunculus flower. Wasn’t that easy? 

DIY Paper Ranunculus – FAQs

What is the proper way to assemble the paper ranunculus petals?

Use a hot glue gun to glue the petals in an overlapping circular pattern, starting with the largest petal groups and adding layers to form the flower.

What is the technique for painting the petals?

Blend acrylic paints for an ombré effect and adjust the water-to-paint ratio to get the desired boldness of color. After painting and soaking them with water, microwave the petals on high for 2-3 minutes, checking every 30 seconds, until they pop off with a curvy shape. Or try this method for creating realistic flower petals.

What makes ranunculus flower a good choice for weddings?

Ranunculus flowers are favored for their ruffly petals, curved stems, and the ease with which they fit into bouquets, bouts, and centerpieces.

Paper flowers on a dresser with neutral decor.
Delicate Paper Flowers DIY

Final Thought!

Consider this the start of your personalized DIY Flower Collection. You can now create an entire bouquet in various colors and sizes to adorn your home. They make an enchanting addition to your dresser or bedside table. Place them in a vase, scatter them on tables, or gift them to friends – they’re sure to add a touch of handmade charm anywhere.

These DIY paper flowers are not just a craft, but a lasting decoration for your home or an event.
Do you ever decorate with paper or silk flowers?  Do you have a favorite source?

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