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DIY Scalloped Christmas Trees – 5 Steps Guide!


Create your own festive DIY Scalloped Felt Christmas Trees with this easy guide! Perfect for holiday decor, these charming trees add handmade warmth to your home.

Hello, wonderful follower! It’s that time of the year again when the festive cheer spreads through the air, and what better way to welcome the season than with a fabulous DIY decor project?

This season, I’m introducing these charming, handcrafted felt Christmas trees to my collection of holiday decor.

♪ Jingle bells jingle all the way,

Oh, what fun it is to make

A felt tree on a holiday!

Oh, crafting joy, oh, crafting spree,

To deck the halls with a felt tree! ♪

Now, Let’s dive into how to create a charming set of three homemade felt Christmas trees for a picturesque holiday display.

DIY Cone felt christmas trees with scallops.
DIY Felt Christmas Trees

Felt Scalloped Christmas Trees: A Festive Decor DIY

There’s nothing like the joy of decking my space during the holiday season. Each ornament hung carries a tale, and I revel in crafting new festive pieces, weaving fresh memories into the fabric of my holiday tradition.

This DIY felt Xmas tree is a fun little craft that you can complete with your kids! (If they are old enough to handle scissors.) 

I picked up some Dollar Tree cone trees last year and finally decided to use them. They come in different heights; I have got the small ones today.

Last year, I made cone shapes out of card stock for DIY Twine and Beaded trees before I had discovered the cheap alternative. 

Are you as excited as I am? Then, gather your supplies as follows:

  • Dollar Tree styrofoam cone trees 
  • 10-12 twelve sheets of felt 
  • Wine Corks for trunks (around two inches high)
  • Styrofoam-friendly glue or Craft glue (However, to be on the safer side, I use Elmer’s Glue.)
  • Scissors 
Dollar store felt christmas tree diy showing supplies.
DIY Felt Cone Christmas Trees

Instructions – How to Felt Scalloped Christmas Trees:

Step 1: Prepare Your Felt: 

Here, I started by selecting felt in cheerful colors and cutting it into rectangles/scalloped edge strips that were easy to work with – not too big, not too small (as shown in the picture), aiming for about a 1.5-inch diameter. 

Ready your fingers for a cutting spree – this is the most time-consuming part, but oh, so simple.

 The scalloped edges will give your DIY felt Xmas tree a more textured and whimsical look. Use the first piece you cut as a template to ensure that the rest of your pieces are uniform in size.

Steps for cutting and gluing felt pieces to cone tree.
Steps for Felt Trees

Step 2: Layering the Felt: 

Beginning at the base of your Styrofoam cone, apply glue to a small section and lay your first piece of felt so that it slightly overhangs the bottom edge. 

It gives you that adorable scalloped look we’re aiming for.

Step 3: Building Up the Tree: 

Continue to add layers of felt, making sure each new row slightly overlaps the previous one. For an organic and natural appearance, offset each new row so that the scallops are not directly above one another. 

For instance, The second (and the remaining) row(s) should overlap the first and be placed off-centered to create a staggered, brick-like pattern. (As seen in the bottom left corner of the collage below.) This is where the design really starts to pop.

This is similar to how pine needles layer and overlap on a natural pine tree, providing a rich, full look for your homemade felt Christmas tree. 

Continue the process: dap, layer, admire, repeat! Before you know it, you’ll have a cone completely covered in a beautiful, textured pattern.

Step 4: Creating the Top: 

Once you reach the summit of your tree, you have two choices. For a pointed top, simply fold the excess felt towards the center. 

Alternatively, cut a circular piece of felt to create a flat, even top (As seen below.)

Finish the felt christmas tree tops two different ways.
Finish the Top!

Step 5: Fashioning the Trunk: 

I had all intentions of finding a branch to cut into slices for the trunks, but then it rained. A lot. 🙂 So I found a couple of corks and cut them with a serrated knife for them to lay flat.

I attached them to the tree bottoms with hot glue. Ensure it’s perfectly upright for stability.

Pro Tip: If you cut the corks at different heights, it will make your tree line a little more interesting!

Tree trunk with wine cork.
Wine Cork Tree Trunks

Here’s an Extra Optional Step For Adding Some Finishing Touches! 

You can trim a floral pick to about an inch and prepare the top of your tree to receive it by making a small indentation using pliers. Fill this with hot glue, then insert the sparkly ball or any other Xmas tree decoration firmly at the top of your felt tree.

And voilà! You now have a beautiful, festive felt tree. But why stop at one? Create a set of three for a complete holiday vignette.

Felt christmas tree vignette on dresser top with art and oyster framed mirror.
Felt Christmas Tree Vignette

Reveal: The Scalloped Christmas Tree Set

The felt trees created a lovely little Christmas vignette for my tall dresser.

They were styled with a new Minted art print that I’m in love with.

I had originally planned on adding them to my bookshelf  “forest” (which I will reveal Friday!), but the pink tones in the Minted print and Mumford and Sons watercolor looked perfect with the pink, gray, and white felt. A few of my mercury glass ornaments added a little more metallic next to my gold-gilded frame. 

 A trio of Christmas cone trees made with felt.
DIY Scalloped Christmas Tree Decor

The oyster mirror on the wall adds a lovely layer and texture. You can read how I made it here. 

For a bit of extra whimsy, add a few Dollar Tree snowflakes on the dresser knobs to tie the whole festive look together.

DIY Felt Christmas Trees – FAQs:

Can I make these trees in any color?

Absolutely! Felt comes in a variety of colors, so you can customize the trees to match any color scheme you desire.

How does the DIY felt Christmas tree stick to the wall?

Felt Christmas trees designed for wall hanging typically stick to the wall using adhesive strips, double-sided tape, or hook-and-loop fasteners like Velcro, which are gentle on walls. Choose a method that best suits your wall type and the weight of the felt tree for secure attachment.

Can I use a cutting machine instead of cutting by hand?

Yes, if you have a cutting machine, you can convert the PDF files to SVG files for your machine, which will save you time.

Watercolor art with Christmas decor on dresser.
Watercolor Art with Christmas Decor

Final Thought!

Hey! Don’t just sit there dreaming of a festive mantlepiece; grab your supplies and start crafting your own set of Felt Scalloped Christmas Trees! They’re sure to add a bespoke charm to your holiday decor that family and guests alike will adore.

A Craft to Remember!

What I adore about these Scalloped Felt Trees is the ease and adaptability of the craft. Whether you prefer a monochrome forest or a kaleidoscope of colors, the technique remains as simple as cut, fold, glue, and enjoy.

So, for all of you looking for a safer, more tranquil way to craft your way into the holiday spirit, I present to you this project. May your mantles, shelves, and tables be graced with the quaint allure of these Scalloped Felt Trees, and may your DIY adventures be merry and bright!

Have you had a go at decorating any cone trees? What materials did you use? Share your own DIY felt Christmas tree creations, and be sure to check back for more holiday inspiration.

If you missed yesterday’s Christmas vignette, you can find it here.

Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!

Happy decorating, and even happier holidays!

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