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DIY Superstar

Hello friends! I am back from Texas and I have to say a little exhausted.  We had such a fun week.

Today is exciting for me, Cut out and Keep is featuring a DIY project of mine every day this week. I’m their DIY Superstar #12! Isn’t that neat? You can check it out here. There are also Crafty, Cooking, and Fashion superstars. Really amazing talent!


While I was in Texas, a fellow blogger of mine that I know from a Facebook community group happened to be in Fort Worth for business.  We were so excited to be in the same city and decided to meet up for coffee.  We gave each other a huge hug and then a crash course of our “adult” life and why we started blogging.  She was just darling and so sweet.  Here’s a shout out to my friend Nancy from Neatly Package.  Check out her cute blog and tell her I said hello!

Here we are at Starbucks (with my sister)

Nancy and me

Nancy and Kathy

Every time I am Texas, I take advantage of the great shopping to include my grandparents house. lol My grandpa gave me a few brass figures (he sure knows the trends) and a watercolor print my Aunt had painted.

print-table print bunny

I found an Aztec throw at Urban Outfitters (on sale, of course!)


If you live or ever visit Fort Worth, stop by “Working the Flea” on Camp Bowie.   So many fun treasures and new items including furniture and fashion.  I picked up this colorful garland. (Trying to be practical with packing, would have LOVED to pick up a few larger items!)


Whew! That’s it for now.  I would love to hear what you did for Spring break this year? Send me a comment and let’s chat!



    1. Thanks Carmody!! I LOVE Fort Worth and being close to my twin and other family and friends. 🙂 I already know where to put the garland but I am looking for a couple of specific pieces to create a vignette with. Know where I could find a lady’s bust? lol

  1. You were in my neck of the woods! And you do my type of shopping lol, I always love what I can gather up from my siblings (I’m the youngest) and elders in my family!

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