DIY Velvet Pumpkins


Y’all!  I have joined the velvet pumpkin craze!  They are so gorgeous and I wanted some for my very own.   Have you made or purchased any yet?  If you don’t want the expensive price tag, scroll down to see how to make them on a dime.  It’s easy peasy! pumpkins-featureThe prices for hand crafted velvet pumpkins can get pretty expensive so I’m glad I finally ordered some velvet fabric to create some.  It was a pleasantly simple and quick process once I found/purchased all of my supplies.  If you can cut a circle and thread a needle, you are golden!

easy velvet pumpkins

DIY Velvet Pumpkins in just a few easy steps!

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Silk velvet
Dried Pumpkins Stems
Beans and Poly-fil  
Needle and thread
Hot glue and gun 

4 easy steps for DIY velvet pumpkins

Step one:  Use a place or round object to trace a circle on the underside of the velvet.

Step two:  Cut our your circle.

Step three:  Sew a loose stitch around the perimeter.

Step four:  Pull the thread so the opening starts to close a little.  Fill with beans then Poly-fil.

Step five:  Pull the thread gently until the opening is completely closed.  Tie if off with a few knots.


Step six: Hot glue a stem on top! pumpkins-and-moss

 Super easy.  Right?  You’ll love finding places to display themvelvet-pumpkins-candle-stand


diy velvet pumpkins with dried stems

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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    1. Thanks, I wondered how easy my tutorials and tips were to follow. I’m in love with my pumpkins and can’t wait to get my hands on some more silk velvet. =) I think I need a robins egg blue and black to go with the mix!

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    1. Thanks! I went to my church’s pumpkin patch and asked if I could pick up any loose stems off the ground. I’ve seen them for sale on ebay or you could use squash stems. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. I just made some pumpkins. I’m having trouble closing the hole that is left after pulling the thread. I stitched the hole closed. Is there something I am missing?

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