Learn How to Make Beautiful Washi Paper Eggs with Easy Steps


Make these gorgeous DIY washi paper eggs with plastic eggs from the dollar store and washi or origami paper in four simple steps.

Hello, hello.  With Easter around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those eggs. I’ve got the perfect, last-minute Easter egg decorating project using plastic eggs you probably already have stashed away somewhere. These pretty DIY Washi Paper Eggs cost me 100 Yen. That’s under a dollar my friend so check your local dollar store for supplies.

DIY Washi Paper Eggs (with dollar store eggs!)

washi paper eggs for under $1
DIY Washi Paper Eggs for Under a $1

I was really excited when I saw a pack of beautiful handmade paper at the 100 Yen store.  Some of the papers even had gold threads in it!  They were the perfect inspiration for this year’s handmade Easter eggs.

Here’s what you need for these beautiful Japanese inspired washi eggs:

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Washi paper (or other craft paper)
  • Solution of 50% glue (Elmer’s) and 50% water
washi paper eggs
Washi Paper

How to make washi paper eggs:

  • Cut your paper into strips. If your paper is thin and opaque like mine, choose Easter eggs in the same color family for each color of paper.
washi eggs with plastic eggs
Strips of Paper and Glue Mixture
  • Prepare the glue/water solution by mixing 50/50 Elmers or other craft glue and water to create a decoupage solution.
  • Dip a strip of paper into the glue (use a straw to dunk it) and place it on the egg.  
easy DIY Easter eggs
Dip Washi Paper Strip into Glue Mixture
  • Tap down the edges gently to smooth the paper on the egg.  Use enough strips to cover the egg completely.
DIY Easter eggs with washi paper
Blue Washi Paper Egg
  • To speed up drying time.  Set your oven to 200 degrees and leave on for 20 minutes.  Turn off the oven and place your eggs inside for a hour.   You can do this more than once until your eggs are dry.
easy DIY Easter eggs
Dry Eggs Carefully in Oven on Low Temperature

Style your eggs with moss in a wire basket for a fresh update to a traditional Easter grass and basket. 

washi eggs with plastic eggs
Washi Eggs on Moss in Basket

Aren’t the colors beautiful?

easy DIY Easter eggs
DIY Washi Paper Eggs in Wire Basket

Think of all the possibilities of colors and patterns with decoupaged eggs!

washi paper Easter eggs for under $1
DIY Washi Eggs

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Make sure to check out the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter! You’ll find loads of information with free checklists and cheatsheets.


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