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Dollar Tree Fall Wreath


Create a farmhouse Fall moss wreath with supplies from the dollar store and this easy step by step tutorial to update your front door this season.

Happy Labor day!! We are celebrating my son’s 9th birthday today. I can’t believe how fast he’s grown! As I mentioned last week, today is the first day of “A Week of Handmade Fall Decor”.   Are you excited? Fall-series-feature-2014

What’s a new season without a new wreath! Today’s Handmade Fall Decor is a Moss Wreath with supplies from the Dollar Tree.  I was super excited to see moss rocks at the dollar store and couldn’t wait to create a DIY with them.  Enjoy! moss-wreath-white-background-pinterest

 Dollar Tree Fall Wreath


Here’s what you need for a moss wreath:

  • 9 Packs of Moss Rocks (Dollar Tree)
  • A grapevine wreath form (Dollar Tree)
  • Your handy dandy hot glue gun!
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Chalkboard sign (optional)


Put the wreath together:

Start laying out a few moss rocks to see how they fit on your wreath.  I only used a couple of the largest ones and all of the small and medium.


Keep gluing on moss rocks until the front of the wreath is covered.  This took all of 5 minutes. Awesome.


You can add embellishment with ribbon, bunting, or a little chalkboard sign announcing  “Fall”!  Too cute, right?


I love the pop of green and fun texture against our aqua door. Did you notice I updated our metal wreath hanger by wrapping twine around it?

Bring on Fall!! Make sure you come back tomorrow for another Fall Handmade Decor project and check out 50 + Fall seasonal and holiday decorating ideas, DIYs, and free printables for the season.





  1. Got it at the Dollar Tree?! How amazing is this! 🙂

    Interested in making new blog friends and getting a kickass journal? Check out my latest post! 🙂

  2. Great idea! And next year you can put some “dollar tree” flowers between one block of moss and the other and it will also transform into a wonderful spring garland 🙂

  3. I love this wreath! I can’t believe how easy this would be to make and that everything came from the Dollar Tree. Wow, wow, wow! Great job! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

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