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Dresser Makeover


Hello, hello.  I just finished up a project yesterday and wanted to share with you my dresser makeover. If you have a piece of furniture that needs a little love but have no desire to paint it, try decoupaging it! I actually did my first decoupage a few years ago.


The print is too busy with the other recent changes in the room (it was nice for the last 5 years) so I decided to give decoupaging a second go.

Here’s what you need:

Paper: (wallpaper, a print or poster, wrapping paper, atlas)

Mod Podge: 1 part water, 1 part glue

Sponge Applicator


Flat object to push air bubbles out

Screw driver to remove existing hardware

SONY DSCStep one: Remove the hardware.

Step two:  Measure and cut out your paper pieces.  My hallmark wrapping paper has an 1 inch grid on the back, it made this part very easy. You can either cut the pieces to only fit the “face” of the drawer or you can leave a 1/2 inch over hang to fold over on the edges.

Step three: Apply a layer of mod podge on the drawer front, place the paper on top, pressing in the middle and smoothing it to the edges. You can use a flat edge scraper to help push bubbles out.  (If your paper is thick, apply a coat to the drawer front and the back side of the paper before placing it.)


Step four: Apply a second coat of mod podge on top.

SONY DSCPress the sides down (you can cut the corners off after it dries).

Side note: Your paper still might bubble some but will be smooth after it dries as long as the surface underneath is smooth.

Step 5: Wait over night for it to completely dry before you put the hardware back on.SONY DSC


This project only took me about 30 minutes and was under $5.  I love how it turned out and now my dresser (actually, it’s my husband’s) doesn’t compete with the other patterns in the room.  I’ve also done something similar with peel and stick wallpaper and got fantastic results!

Do you have a piece of furniture in need of a makeover? Would you try decoupage? Have you tried other makeovers that don’t require painting?


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  1. This looks amazing! What a great idea to update basic furniture. Thanks for sharing this with us at That’s Fresh Friday!

    Hope to see you again this Friday

  2. Hi! Love what the work you did to create this masterpiece! I was curious if you knew the name of the “design” of wrapping paper you used from Hallmark? I’ve been looking all over the internet and can’t seem to find this design. Thanks!

  3. I am also curious about the wallpaper design. Another question, what brand of glue (or decoupage) did you use for this project? I have found that Elmer’s doesn’t really hold up as decoupage and mod podge is unduely expensive.

    1. Hi Jam, I used Decoart Decoupage. One bottle lasted me about 5 yrs. (I use it for furniture and when I gild something) You can find it on Amazon for around $8. The paper was actually Hallmark wrapping paper that I snagged for $2.50. I bought it last summer. Its thinner than wallpaper of course but I find it easy to work with. 🙂

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