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How to Make a Boho Easter Basket in One Step

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Update your Easter baskets with this simple DIY using pom-poms for an eclectic-boho look. Ideas for boys and girls Easter basket makeovers.

Are you tired of putting out the same ol’ Easter baskets every Spring? Before you buy new ones, consider updating yours with this fun and easy DIY to make them more your style.

Easter Basket Updates with Pom-Poms

We did it!  Casa Watkins Living and I are on day 7 for A Very Global Easter where we are sharing globally influenced and inspired decorating tips and DIYs for Easter.  Today’s our last day for this current series and we decided to make it a kid-friendly craft idea. 

So let’s get to it with boho Easter basket makeovers using a variety of pom-poms and then head over to Casa Watkins Living for her Wood Slice Easter Coloring Place Card.

Global Boho Easter Baskets.
Kid-friendly Boho Easter Basket Makeovers

I wanted my children to help me with their Easter basket update so I let them pick out which pom-poms to use. My daughter’s basket is a natural color that comes with a pink liner and my son’s basket is plain green.

We decided to remove the liner and add white pom-pom trim to the natural wood basket and embellish my son’s basket with colorful wool pom-poms.

Here’s what you need to add global boho flare to your Easter baskets:

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Easter Basket Update

For girls’ Easter basket makeover DIY:

  • Remove any liners or other embellishments. Measure the length of the pom-pom trim by wrapping it around the basket and cutting.
Easter Basket Makeover with Pom-Poms
  • Attach the trim with hot glue following along the basket’s edge or another line to keep it straight. Work in small sections at a time. Add as many rows of pom-pom trim as you desire.
Natural Easter Basket with White Pom-Poms

Tip:  When using trim, make sure to line up your seams all on one side.  If you are basket has a seam in it, you can use that as a guide for other trim seams.

For boy’s Easter basket makeover:

This basket facelift was even easier. 

  • Use a dot of hot glue (or kid-friendly craft glue) on each wool ball and space them out in a loose zig-zag pattern on a basket.
Easter Basket Update with Wool Pom-Poms
Boho-Eclectic Easter Basket

With just a little effort, my kiddos’ baskets went from generic to global boho!  We love them. This might be one of my favorite Easter DIYs yet!

Boho Easter Basket Ideas
Boho Easter Basket
Colorful Boho Easter Basket

They are so cute they could even stay out for Easter or Spring decor all season.

The Easter DIY that Casa Watkins Living shared is fantastic. Even though it’s for children, I think any adult would enjoy it too! Let’s head over there, shall we?

Childre's Easter Wood Slice Coloring Place Card
Casa Watkins Living

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