See how to create a beautiful Easter tree!

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Get ready for Spring with an enjoyable holiday tradition of decorating a DIY Easter tree with items you already have. Perfect for a table centerpiece!

The anticipation of Easter and spring can really brighten a gloomy cold day like today! Casa Watkins Living and I are ready to bring you seven days of globally inspired Easter DIYs, printables, and decorating tips. Let’s take ordinary Easter decor and make it eggstraordinary with unique ideas to bring more colors, patterns, and “wow,-did-you-make-that?” to your holiday decor.

A Very Global Easter: Easter Tree DIY

Easter Tree Diy Ornaments Edited
DIY Easter Tree with Global Items
Very Global Easter 2020
A Very Global Easter

Welcome to our 3rd annual A Very Global Easter. Day one is for DIY Easter Trees! Do you participate in this fun European tradition? In Germany, they decorate outside trees and bushes with beautifully dyed Easter eggs and in Sweden, the tradition is to bring in twigs adorned with eggs and feathers.

Easter Tree Diy Edited 3
Colorful-Eclectic Easter Tree DIY

How to create an Easter tree:

Nothing to me says spring like fresh leafy stems, easter eggs, and cute pink floral bunnies. Right? I saved a couple of stems as I pruned our sage plant to bring the heavenly scent indoors. Last year I used a couple of bare branches with clay egg ornaments so this year I decided on larger scaled twiggy budding branches.

  • Use outside stems, house plants, or faux branches for your traditional Easter tree.

My daughter and I hung paper egg and bunny ornaments and DIY washi eggs made with cheap-plastic easter eggs. Make sure to come back Wednesday to grab the printable floral easter eggs and bunnies that make nine easter ornaments.

  • Adorn your easter egg tree with free printable eggs and bunnies, feathers, easter eggs, and anything else that reminds you of spring. Glue a piece of string to existing easter eggs to create an ornament.
Easter Tree Diy Ornaments Edited 2
Seating Area with DIY Easter Tree

How to add global flair to your Easter egg tree.

Easter Tree Diy Edited 6
Global Easter Tree
  • The Easter tree itself already has lovely German and Swedish influence. But you can still add global eclectic style by using an Asian vase, chinoiserie container, or Mexican pottery to hold your branches in.

The way my branches are arranged in the Asian bamboo-shaped vase reminds me of ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging. They are always sculptural and organic. That with the added washi eggs definitely speaks to my love of Japan.

Easter Tree Diy Ornaments Edited 3
DIY Easter Tree and Ceramic Rabbit

My wish for you is to feel empowered to try these fun ideas and take your Easter and spring decorating to the next level! And maybe even start a new tradition or two with your friends and family.

Make sure to stop by Casa Watkins Living for her Healing Halamayan Salt Easter Tree!

Healing Himalayan Easter Tree
Casa Watkins Living Healing Salt Easter Tree

Make sure to check out the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter! You’ll find loads of information with free checklists and cheatsheets.


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  1. My mom always put one of these up for Easter when we were younger. I thought it was just a quirky avon lady mom thing. I had no idea there was actual tradition behind it. I feel more interested in doing it myself now. And your is so pretty to take inspiration from!

    1. That is too funny! I never even heard of them until a few years ago (except for cheesy store-bought ones). I saw one from The House that Lars Built and fell in love.

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