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Here’s How to Make Surprisingly Easy Clay Eggs for Easter

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Use this simple polymer clay eggs tutorial with step by step instructions and video to make egg ornaments for an Easter tree.

Nothing gets me more excited than handcrafted decor with unique ideas for the holidays. That’s why I decided to make my own polymer clay eggs for an Easter tree this year. If you’re looking for ways to add to your seasonal decor without buying new decorations, you’ll love this DIY.

DIY Clay Easter Egg Ornaments for an Easter Tree

Welcome to our first day of A Very Global Easter Series with Casa Watkins Living.   We had so much fun doing this series last year we decided to bring back another seven days of globally inspired DIYs and decorating ideas for you.  Today’s theme is Easter trees and I’m excited to show you how to decorate a nordic inspired Easter tree with DIY clay Easter egg ornaments.

Easter Tree With Diy Clay Eggs on a tulip table with a blue chair and bunny art print
DIY Clay Eggs for an Easter Tree
Very Global Easter 2019 logo with globally inspired easter diys and decor
A Very Global Easter

Most of my Easter decor is more on the eclectic maximalist side this year (wait until you see my Easter table!) but I decided to go for a more minimal and simple look a the nordic inspired Easter tree.   My daughter is on Spring break so she helped me with the DIYs for this series.  We are having a lot of fun!

How to make an easter tree:

In Germany, Easter trees are outside trees or bushes adorned with eggs. You can find twigs brought in and decorated with eggs, feathers, and sometimes even chickens in Sweden.   

I brought in a couple of oak branches for our Easter tree and tied white ostrich feathers with fishing wire to a few small branches.    The DIY clay eggs add a handcraft and modern touch.

You can use branches from your yard or faux floral or green stems to create your own Easter tree.

Easter Tree With Clay Eggs and vintage glass grapes
Simple Clay Easter Eggs on Branches

Watch DIY Clay Easter Eggs on Youtube!

*This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  You still pay the same price but I may make a small commission. 

What you need for clay egg ornaments:

Easter Tree With Clay Eggs and blue chair
DIY Easter Tree with Polymer Clay Eggs

How to create clay eggs:

  1.  Pull off a ball of clay and knead to soften.Easter Tree With Clay Eggs
  2. Use a rolling pin and flatten the clay removing any wrinkles and creases.Easter Tree With Clay Eggs 2
  3. Flip clay over and repeat.
  4. For your first egg, use a template or freehand an egg shape with a craft knife.  For additional eggs, you can use your first shape as a template. Easter Tree With Clay Eggs 3
  5. Cut out the egg shape keeping your knife straight up and down as much as possible.
  6. Peel away excess clay.Easter Tree With Clay Eggs 6
  7. Smooth edges with fingers using a light touch.Easter Tree With Clay Eggs 7
  8. Puncture a hanging hole with the bottom of a paintbrush or other small tool.Easter Tree With Clay Eggs 8
  9. Let dry 12-24 hours before painting with craft paint.  Thread with fishing wire and tie off a loop.
Easter Tree With Clay Eggs 9

Hang the clay eggs on your Easter tree!  We used green, light green, deep purple, and light pink for our eggs.   You’ll be seeing these colors all week with the other DIYs.

Easter Tree With Diy Clay Eggs next to a marble tulip table, plant, and blue chair.
A Nordic Inspired Easter Tree in an Eclectic Siting Area
Easter Tree With Clay Eggs and portrait in the background. Tulip table with blue armchair.
Easter Tree with Clay Eggs and Feathers
Easter Tree With Diy Clay Eggs and bunny art
Branches with Clay Egg Ornaments and Feathers

The bunny art print on the wall is my from my talented friend Daisy Faith Art.   Isn’t it cute?

Let’s go see Stephanie’s gorgeous folk art bohemian Easter tree!!

Folk Art Bohemian Easter Tree

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 or see all of A Very Global Easter series on this page.

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.

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