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14 Easy and Chic Christmas DIY Decorations You’ll Love


Add modern and eclectic Christmas decor this year with 14 easy and chic Christmas DIY decorations that won’t break the bank.

Well hey there friend.  How are you? Let’s talk about seasonal decor!

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is create stylish decor using recycled or dollar store items.  The trick is to make it look more expensive then it is!!  I’ve rounded up my favorite easy Christmas DIY decorations that give your seasonal decor an eclectic global flare and chic style!  These are simple to make and you can do most of them in just a few minutes!!

Easy and Chic Christmas DIYs

Eclectic Christmas Tablescape with Dollar Store Items

With some creative thinking, layered textiles, and dollar store greenery you can create an eclectic feminine table setting.

bamboo dishes with gold bamboo flatware for an easy Christmas DIY

Gold Twine Paper Trees

A super easy DIY with paper and twine.  Get creative with items you already have! Learn how to make cones and create pretty gold trees.

Try this easy Christmas diy gold twine cone trees

Mini Christmas Moss Wreaths with Ribbon

Try this fun 5 minute DIY for easy Christmas decor.  A mini dollar store wreath is transformed into an adorable moss Christmas wreath with ribbon!

mini moss wreath on shutter easy dollar store Christmas diy

Copper Leaf Noel Basket 

Use a stencil and copper leaf on a dollar store chalk board to transform a basket into the perfect display for presents and cards.

DIY gold leaf Christmas sign Noel

Repurposed Ornaments with Ribbon Tape

Repurpose old ornaments with ribbon or washi tape!  A quick and easy DIY to save money on “new” Christmas decor.

Repurpose old ornaments with ribbon tape for a chic Christmas DIY

Japanese Paint Brush Inspired Ornaments

This super quick DIY is perfect for giving older ornaments a facelift and adds a fun modern pattern to your holiday decor.

Japanese brush art inspired ornaments Christmas diy

DIY Stockings with Trim made with recycled clothes

Use that bag of giveaway clothes for a holiday project this year! Create DIY Christmas Stockings with trim and fur cuffs for just a few dollars.

DIY Christmas Stockings with linen and fur

Easy DIY Winter Covers with Suede and Fur

Break out your sewing scraps or buy fat quarters and put together wintery pillow covers with fur and suede in blush, grays, and whites.

winter pillows with fur and recycled clothes

DIY Snow Wall for under $5

Create a wintery setting with a DIY snow wall for under $5 or shop your medicine cabinet for free. 😉

diy snow wall with cotton

DIY Cone Trees with Craft Supplies

Create gorgeous dollar store cone trees in 5 minutes are less with these creative DIYs.cone-tree-moss-felt

Updated Dollar Store Nativity Set

A dollar tree nativity gets a quick and easy update with spray paint!


Christmas Countdown Door Hanging

Here’s a fun way to keep track of the days until Christmas with a stylish Christmas countdown door hanging.


Dollar Store DIY:  West Elm Inspired Nutcrackers

Make these easy modern nutcrackers for under $5. They are the perfect touch for your holiday decor and would also make a great stocking stuffer!

west elm inspired nutcrackers from the dollar store

Dollar Store DIY:  Japanese Inspired Fan Ornaments 

Search the dollar stores for pretty crafting paper for the these Japanese inspired ornaments.  They’ll add global flare and interest to your tree!


Save money and get creative with these Christmas DIYs this year.  Which ones would you try? Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!


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