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Easy Dollar Store Valentine’s DIY with Tribal Love Letters

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The Global Styler monthly series is featuring globally inspired Valentines decor and meal ideas. Check out easy DIY dollar store tribal love letters and more!

Hi there!  Welcome to The Global Styler, a monthly series hosted by Casa Watkins Living featuring globally inspired DIYs, decor, and decorating tips.  For this month we decided to create a centerpiece or DIY to feature a Valentine meal.  You’ll find ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!  I’m featuring DIY tribal inspired love centerpiece with hearts and flamingos sushi lunch and sakura (cherry blossoms) coca cola.

DIY Dollar Store Tribal Love Letters sushi-valentines-day-lunch-decor-with-dollar-store-tribal-sign

What you need for valantine’s centerpiece:

I shop at the 100 yen store but you might look in dollar bends at Target and other craft stores for supplies or try your local dollar store.

  • dollar store letters (cardboard or press-wood)
  • craft paint
  • paint brush
  • chalk or white marker
  • taupe marker
  • faux air plant (dollar store)
Sorry about the backward letters but I wanted to paint the backside first!

How to create tribal inspired letters:

  • Paint your letters with craft or other water base paint (spray paint would be a quick option).  I used a pale blush pink sample can with a 2 cm paint brush.  It took a few coats but dried quickly.


  • Use a chalk pen to create tribal marks.  Triangles with a straight line through them and random diagonal lines are easy to free hand!


  • Outline the letters with a taupe pen (brown, grey, pink, or orange) to bring out the design.


  • For an embellishment, add a faux (or live) air plant inside the “0”.


So cute, right?

Not only did I find the air plant and letters at the 100 yen store, I found adorable little soy sauce dishes,soy-sauce-dishes-100-yen-store


paper straws for the special sakura season coca cola,

and heart and flamingos picks that I stuck in grocery store sushi for an easy Valentine’s day lunch.   sushi-bamboo-chop-sticks-cactus-the-global-styler.

I have to mention the beautiful fabric my global holiday meal is on.  It’s actually for a DIY in my daughter’s room makeover for The New Year New Room Refresh challenge.  The fabric is from SmithHonig who is one of my generous sponsors for the challenge.  sakura-coke-flamingo-sushi-tribal-love-letters

I also styled my table with a faux cactus and small vase of flowers.  The straws and chopsticks are in copper beer cups. the-global-styler-valentines-day-tribal-love-letters-centerpiece-and-sushi-lunch



Pinterest Sushi Valentines Day Lunch And Tribal Love Sign

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