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Simple and Elegant Thanksgiving Decor with Garland and Wreath

Transform your home for the holidays with elegant Thanksgiving decor using just a couple of pieces of greenery to make a big statement.

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Hey there!  Can you believe we are coming into November this week?  You may not be thinking about the holidays yet, but that’s okay.  I’m here with a few other bloggers sharing Treasured Celebration to bring you ideas and inspiration.  Scroll to the bottom to see the schedule and links for the series.

How to add Easy and Elegant Thanksgiving Decor with Greenery

A little background.  My husband just retired from the Marine Corps and we recently relocated to Fort Worth (home for me!).  This is the first time in 18 years that I’ve lived close to my family.  Most of our holidays are spent with our military family but now we are back home, we are excited to carry over some of our recent holiday activities to mingle in with family traditions.  Of course with those traditions, I’m excited to share how we are decorating our new home for the season!

Tree Classics Garland Eclectic Fireplace Seasonal Mantel
Thanksgiving Decor on the Mantel
Eclectic Living Room Garland
Living Room Thanksgiving Decor

My husband learned how to make clam chowder when we were stationed in N.C. and was able to go clam hunting in our backyard 6 years ago.  Now he is known for his chowder and loves preparing it when we have a large group of single marines or close friends over for the holidays.  We usually start the evening on a more serious and humble note, sharing what we are most thankful for. 

Often for our family that is far away, friends and spouses who are deployed, and new friends that we are so grateful to have.  More often than not, our holiday meals end with karaoke (the influence of being stationed in Okinawa and Iwakuni Japan!), puzzles, and games.  It usually feels like an evening spent with a bunch of close siblings! 

This year, our Thanksgiving is turning into a weekend of festivities which I’m looking forward to!  We have tons of family here and even more traveling into town so we’ve decided to keep the Thanksgiving meal more intimate and share it with our immediate families. 

For the rest of the weekend, our large group is getting together for a Thanksgiving dessert night, a pot luck dinner on Friday, and then my family will host a clam chowder and games evening on Saturday.

Tree Classic Garland Thanksgiving Wide
Thanksgiving Garland on the Mantel
Thanksgiving Traditions Global Eclectic Decor
Fireplace Decor for Thanksgiving

To add festive decor for the occasion, I chose Tree Classics’  for our mantel and styled it with a few glam accessories using a trio of brass candlesticks on one side and a DIY floral arrangement on the other.  The mantel surround we brought back with us from Japan and I love how unusual it is to have two mantels and also the layers of texture.

Velvet Pumpkins Garland Thanksgiving Decor
Eclectic Thanksgiving Decor

Since we recently moved and unpacked,  I enjoyed keeping our fall and Thanksgiving decor to a few pieces that would make a big impact.  I have a bowl of my DIY velvet pumpkins on the coffee table with many global finds.

Tree Classics Wreath Large
Fall Wreath for Thanksgiving Decor

For our dining table, I used TreeClassics’ beautiful  as a centerpiece by placing three candle sticks in the middle.  The size of the wreath is impressive and would be fun to embellish (which I might do for Christmas) but for now, it makes a beautiful focal point just as it is. 

A wonderful feature for both the wreath and garland is a battery pack that as a timer for the lights which means you can display them anywhere without having to worry about an outlet, cords, or switches! 

Centerpiece Candles Sticks Wreath
Wreath as a Centerpiece with Candlesticks
Wreath As Table Centerpiece With Candles
Table Centerpiece

With just a couple of beautiful greenery and twinkling lights, our house is already magically transformed for Thanksgiving weekend.  It doesn’t get any easier than that folks!  And the best part is, it can flow right into Christmas.

Thanksgiving Living Room Wide
Living Room Thanksgiving Decor

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