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Easy Tips on How to Create a Colorful Bedroom Mood Board

Learn how to create a colorful bedroom mood board the easy way with a few simple steps for planning a makeover, a digital mood board, and budgeting.

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I’m not going to lie. Staying home has had its tough moments. Trying not to worry about uncertainty that is out of my control has been a huge part of my married life as a military-now-veteran spouse.

The easiest thing for me to do during this time is to stay busy. This is why I’m super excited to be participating in the Spring One Room Challenge and share my bedroom mood board and makeover plans with you today.

A master bedroom mood board showing color palettes, materials, furnishings in greens and blues with touches of pink.
Bedroom Mood Board

This year’s Spring One Room Challenge hosted by the amazing Linda from Calling it Home is a seven-week long room makeover. I’ve already made over our living-dining areas, daughter’s room, and most recently my office in our Fort Worth single-story ranch home since we’ve moved in 18 months ago.

It is definitely time to complete a master bedroom transformation! I’m also making some updates to the ensuite small bath.

Here’s the complete list of posts for this challenge.

I’m letting you in on all the details and giving you tips on how you can plan and create your own bedroom (or other room) mood board. Let’s get to it!

Plan a Bedroom Mood Board:

  • Start with a color palette. For a colorful space with a big impact use tone on tone, all cool or warm hues, or choose complementary colors from a color wheel. Try to have one primary color with two small pops of color.

I’m using our small ensuite bathroom as a jumping-off point for my color palette which features green and blue jewel tones with a bold piece of art my aunt painted.

The bedroom will compliment it with a lighter blue for the primary color and small pops of jewel tones. The result will be a soft and airy bedroom that peeks into a moody dramatic bathroom.

Master bedroom mood board showing main and accent colors in dark green, navy, light blue, and pink.
Master Bedroom Mood Board Showing Main and Accent Colors
  • Choose one “look at me” for the space. Pick a great headboard, piece of art, wallpaper, or mural to create a focal point or feature.

Right now I have a beautiful gold canopy bed competing against a fabulous wall mural on the same wall. I am repurposing part of the existing bed frame to add to a DIY upholstered headboard that won’t take away from the mural.

A bedroom mood board overlay showing white fringe, pink tassel, dark blue velvet fabric, light blue shibori fabric, art, pictures, and a plant.
Overlay for Bedroom
  • Add in details. Once you have your big feature, have other “look at me” moments in your space with unique touches and additional details to pull together a well-designed high-end look on a budget. Add trim to store-bought curtains or bedding. Frame a cheap print in a gorgeous gilded thrifted frame, add pizazz to furniture by switching out hardware.

I always think furniture pulls as jewelry and then Matthew McConaughey says, “Ladies, frost yourself.” Well, frost your dresser!

If the details in your room could talk my designer friend described them like this:

Look at me!! Hey, look at me! I’m over here too, look at me.

-my friend, Allen
A bedroom overlay showing original art, plant, and fabric samples.
Overlay for Bedroom

Things that I love to incorporate in any room.

  1. White – White walls, bookcases, and/or furniture for a lovely canvas to decorate on.
  2. Gold – Warm metallics are my favorite. Gold feels so lux and chic.
  3. Fringe or trim – Such an easy and inexpensive way to make something look like $$$. “Put a tassel on it.”
  4. An Antique or vintage piece – I look for brass or lucite decorating accessories, estate sale furniture, and thrifted art.
  5. Something new – An inexpensive trendy piece or an expensive classic piece.
  6. A plant – Every space needs green! Mix faux and real plants or stems.
  7. At least one upholstered piece – for Fung Shui, comfort, and more lux style.
A boho bedroom mood board overlay showing Japanese Pictures and fabric with fringe, tassel, and velvet.
Japanese Pictures and Fabric with Fringe, Tassel, and Velvet

Make a Bedroom Mood Board

You might have the talent to look at a space and instantly imagine its full potential. Having a visual reference makes a room makeover so much easier whether that’s the case or not.

I went into detail on how to create mood boards with easy renderings and color palettes here. Keep reading for a shortcut.

Google or search your favorite stores for key items in your colors. Include furniture, fabrics, and accessories. Take a screenshot or right-click and save the images.

Open a free photo editor like Canva and create a blank canvas. Add the pictures in one by one and arrange on your board to see how the items and colors will work together.

*Only do this method for personal use. Otherwise, make sure you have permission to use images and add direct links to items before sharing.

Set a Budget for Your Makeover

  • Once you have an overall idea of what you want your bedroom to look like it is time to set a budget. Plan on what you can DIY, repurpose, or use in your house.

My usual method for setting a budget is “I want a great design with good quality and as little money as possible. Duh.” I first decide what I can DIY, use gift cards and store credit, or repurpose items I have to save the most money. Then I make a list of items that need to be purchased.

This is a great time for YOU to show your DIY skills. If you think something is out of budget or you already have the supplies. Watch a few DIY videos to see if you are up to the task and is it worth saving the money.

Make sure to shop your house and bedroom for any items that simply need a paint or hardware update or if there’s anything you can repurpose.

  • Create a shopping list for the remaining items. Don’t forget to price compare. If I find an item that seems perfect than I google the item name to see if I can find a better price. I love using web extensions/apps like Coupon Cabin and Honey to make sure I’m taking advantage of coupons and sales.

Consider looking for a used or similar item at a discount store if something is out of budget. As long as you use the overall color scheme from your mood board, there will be multiple choices of furniture and decor in different price ranges.

The color palette is super important here for setting the right mood in a space. Get the colors right and the rest will fall into place.

Before and progress pictures of my bedroom and bathroom ensuite.

Here are the spaces I am tackling for the One Room Challenge. I have already made some updates but will completely transform the rooms in the next seven weeks.

Bathroom and Bedroom Plans

Bathroom to-do list:

  1. Update light fixture-minimum remove shades and put in decorative bulbs, maybe turn the fixture around.
  2. Build a floating wood frame for art.
  3. Remove old backsplash, repair, and paint.
  4. Put in ceiling tin as the backsplash.
  5. Replace faucet with modern black faucet.
  6. Paint the toilet handle black.
  7. Build and install a window cornice box.
  8. Remove shower door, repair, and fill holes.
  9. Sew custom shower curtain and hang.
  10. Add a new bath mat and tassel.

Bedroom to-do list:

  1. Swap dressers and remove bookcase for a bigger space.
  2. Replace ceiling fan (and two additional bedroom fans).
  3. Repair and paint the walls and molding white.
  4. Takedown bed and use the frame with attached DIY legs for a new bed.
  5. Build and install a new upholstered headboard with green velvet fabric.
  6. Sew and hang curtain panels.
  7. Build and install a window cornice box.
  8. Sew a bed skirt.
  9. Add new bedding.
  10. Build a DIY vanity tray.
  11. Install gallery wall around tv.
  12. Hang statement piece above the tall chest and replace pulls.
  13. Style the room.

A huge thank you to these sponsors for shipping me gifted products during this stay-at-home era so I can do all of this without leaving our house.

Smith Honig, Fanimation, and Hygge and West

Sponsors Graphic
The one room challenge graphic for guest participant with sponsor logos.

If you are participating, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can go check out your post!

Until next week my friend!


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