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Eclectic and Chic Bedroom Inspiration

Update:  You can check out the finished room HERE!!

Hi there friends!  I’m excited to share with you my ideas for our large and bright bedroom.  If you missed the tour and update of our new Okinawan rental, you can find them here and here. We will be keeping some of our current loaner furniture for the entire three years of our stay but are still waiting for the few pieces of furniture that were allowed from the states to arrive.   Of course I have tricks up my sleeve for making the “inexpensive-hotel-generic” pieces work into whatever style my heart desires.  Expect to see a lot of renter’s tips and updating furniture ideas in the near future!

Right now, our bedroom is all white with the few oak pieces from the government.  (There’s not even legs or hardware on this furniture.)  We have our white bedding and curtains already out.  The white canvas of a bedroom is just asking to be “painted.”

Here’s the plan…

Eclectic and Chic Bedroom

Oh yes! Did you spot the jewel of the room? That gorgeous gold canopy bed will probably be the last one to the party.  It’s the first major item I’ve purchases from the US to be shipped over seas.  It could literally take months.  That’s okay! I’ve got time.

The colors will be blues and greens inspired by the ocean views in the room.  It’s a hard life, I tell ya. Pops of gold and use of natural fibers and textures will complete our Eclectic and Chic bedroom.  We plan on incorporating a few Japanese wall hangings and other local finds.

Anywho, this space will be quite a change from our last master bedroom. SONY DSCAll of the furniture in this picture is now in long term storage which makes it hard not to go overboard with new furniture here.  We will still be under a strict weight allowance when we return to the US so the key is to make as much of our government issued furniture work as we can.   Ugh! Let the slip covers and tablecloth sewing begin.  Oh, and lots of washi tape!

Well, that’s it for today!






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