Eclectic Christmas Decorating Ideas and DIYs

Find eclectic Christmas decorating ideas and DIYs for winter holidays and seasonal decor with free printable art.

Beautiful Christmas, Winter, and Valentine’s Decorating Ideas and DIYs

Welcome to the Winter holiday and seasonal decor page where you will find all of my favorite Christmas DIYS and other decorating ideas for Winter. Add modern and eclectic seasonal decor with handmade projects on a budget.

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Colorful Christmas and Winter Decorating Ideas

  1. 12 Decorating Ideas to Get Your House Pinterest Ready for Christmas
  2. 8 Colorful and Eclectic Christmas Handmade Ornaments
  3. 8 Creative and Beautiful Holiday DIYs on a Budget
  4. Easy Entertaining and Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas
  5. A Very Global Christmas Series Page
  6. Fun and Creative Valentine’s Day Decor and Printables
  7. Christmas and Winter Category Page

Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard, or too sad when you’ve got a Christmas tree in the living room.

Nora Roberts

12 Decorating Ideas to Get Your House Pinterest Ready for Christmas

Deck the halls with traditional decor like Christmas trees and front door wreaths and then try some of these fun out-of-the-box ideas for extra details!

  1. Hang a wreath on an interior wall or door from ribbon or clear wreath holder.
  2. Add temporary printable art to an everyday frame for an easy change.
  3. Be ready for unexpected guests by prepping the bar with drink and snack basics.
  4. Dress your mirrors with ribbon, mini wreaths, or winter swag.
  5. Create a seasonal vignette around your Christmas tree with additional decor like winter plants, sculptures, baskets, and floor lanterns.
  6. Adorn your fireplace mantel asymmetrically for an expected twist. Put tall objects on one side only and/or go heavier with garland starting at one end and tapering off to the other letting the garland hang over and hang down.
  7. Hang garland in an expected place like over a walkway or on a dining room chandelier.
  8. Compliment your Christmas decor with gift wrapping in similar colors.
  9. Decorate candles with a little garland around the bottom and add to tabletop and shelf styling for an instant winter vignette.
  10. Add effortless decor with twinkle lights on house plants for magical evenings.
  11. Tie ribbon in seasonal colors to transform everyday decor into holiday style.
  12. Use decorative containers to hold ornaments. Fill in empty space with greenery for even more interest.

8 Colorful and Eclectic Christmas Handmade Ornaments

Find ways to repurpose old ornaments and make handmade colorful ones.

8 Creative and Beautiful Holiday DIYs on a Budget

You can have fresh and updated decor every year with these ideas to repurpose holiday items and make new decorations with DIYs and shopping on a budget.

  1. Make Chinoiserie Christmas Decor for Your Table: Add chic chinoiserie decor to your Christmas table this year with easy DIYs using thrifted items and everyday decor.
  2. Create DIY Stockings with Trim: Repurpose get-rid-of clothes for a holiday project this year! Create DIY Christmas Stockings with trim and fur cuffs for just a few dollars. 
  3. A Modern DIY Advent Calendar for Those Who Love Color: Make a beautiful and modern DIY advent calendar with craft paints, stickers, and a wood frame. 
  4. DIY Copper Leaf Noel Gift Basket: Create a beautiful gilded basket with a stencil and copper leaf to hold gifts and other holiday items.
  5. Make a Beautiful DIY Advent Wreath in 5 easy minutes!: Try this DIY advent wreath for modern eclectic Christmas decor with items that will surprise you.
  6. Make a Beautiful Gold Bohemian Wreath with Berries: Add global eclectic style to your decor with a gorgeous DIY bohemian wreath for the holidays in 3 easy steps.
  7. Colorful DIY Advent Calander for Kids: Create your own DIY advent kids calendar with an IKEA scarf holder and felt! Download and print activities to fill the pockets.
  8. DIY Fresh Rosemary Sprigs Wreath: Add Scandinavian style to your Christmas decor this year with a gold and rosemary wreath. 

Easy Entertaining and Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas

Customize your gift wrapping with free printables and easy DIYs.

Make holiday entertaining a breeze.

Fun and Creative Valentine’s Day Decor and Printables