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See a Colorful Eclectic Home Dramatic Before and Afters


Check out how I turned our single-story ranch-style home into a colorful beautiful haven with before and after pictures of our eclectic interiors.

Next month will mark a two year anniversary in our new home. Lots of paint, wallpaper, DIY builds, and thrifted and new furniture went into making a single-story ranch style house from the 60’s into a colorful eclectic home. Welcome friend! Come on in.

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A Colorful Eclectic Home Tour

The previous owners opened up the inside to create an open-layout for the living-dining and kitchen. Here are some pics I snapped after closing.

And here is how our open living area has evolved. This space includes our entryway, piano studio, and living room. Last Spring’s One Room Challenge (2019) was my first huge jump into DIYs and design in this house and recently I gave the entire space a coat of fresh white paint.

Resources for the Open Concept Living and Dining Eclectic Interiors

Attached to the living room was a dark small square room that had no windows. The listing suggested using it as a den, dining room, or playroom.

This year’s New Year New Room Refresh I turned the “dark box” into a bright and colorful office that doubles as a parlor and guest room. It seriously could have not happened at a better time. My daughter and I love using the space for “girls nights” and tea parties when I’m not working.

Resources for the Office Makeover

The small dining space between the living room and kitchen is still a work in process. I plan on completing it in the next two months but it already looks so much better than it did last year with the help of Sherwin Williams Alabaster, new dining chairs, and cabinet.

Now on to the bedrooms! We’ll start with my daughter’s room which was actually the first major room transformation I completed just four months after moving in.

All three bedrooms in the house are small but this one is the smallest. I made the most of the space with a maximalist vibe and neat and tidy decor and storage for the 2019 New Year New Room Refresh. These month-long room challenges are great for getting your rear in gear to finish a space!

Resources for a Boho Vintage Girl’s Room

Our son’s room is a tad bigger and is the only room that I decided to keep the wall paint color and apart from the office as the most natural light.

The teen’s room doubles as the gaming room and has just enough space for a mini hang out area.

Teen Boy’s Bedroom Resources

The next eclectic interiors are our master bedroom with a small ensuite bathroom. It was completed a couple of months ago for this year’s Spring One Room Challenge.

I wanted it to change from builder grade to a Parisian chic style with a peek into a “jewelry box” bathroom. All of my design choices in our home reflect the lack of natural light and help make the dark spaces look bigger and brighter.

Small Master Bedroom and Bathroom Resources

The last space is our outdoor patio and garden. The backyard was such a blessing during the stay at home orders and the previous owners did a beautiful job with the garden. All I had to do was set up an eclectic outdoor living and dining space!

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Some of my favorite stores to help transform our house have been Velvet Finishes paint, Smith Honig home decor, Milton and King wallpaper, Amazon Home, and FB Marketplace.

The last two rooms that haven’t been touched yet are the kids-guest hall bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen in our 1900 sq ft house.

After moving frequently with the military it is wonderful to not feel rushed into transforming our home. Although in a strange twist of fate, we might be moving next summer depending on what grad school my husband gets accepted into. This will also play into how much more I do to the house. But in the meantime, it is sure is fun to see how far it’s come!

Please feel free to comment or email me at kathy@uptodateinteriors.com if you have any questions about anything in our home!



  1. I always love to see photos of your home! Eclectic homes are my favorite because the decor is unique and interesting. Pinned tons of images 🙂

  2. Hello!
    What a beautiful home!
    I absolutely love the artwork over your bar cart. (Citrine background with birds.)
    Any information available about it- artist, is it an available as a print? Etc.
    All information is appreciated. 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you Rosemary! I believe it is an oil painting. It is by a Fort Worth, Texas artist named Charolette Risley (1926-2012). I found it at a local estate sale. Her art is probably difficult to find. I would love to direct you to a friend of mine who sells her art as prints and uses vibrant colors. Bari J Designs Good luck!

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