A Gorgeous Elegant Christmas Home Tour and Decorating Ideas

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Find your holiday inspiration from an elegant Christmas home tour and decorating ideas on a budget plus home tours from over 15 unique home styles.

Hi there and welcome to a Very Merry Christmas Home Tour hosted by Lovely Etc where I’m sharing our elegant Christmas decor and decorating ideas. There are 18 beautiful homes to tour so make sure to check out the full schedule at the bottom of the post.

A huge thanks to Carrie for organizing. Make sure to start at the beginning with her lovely home.

An Elegant Christmas House Tour

An elegant Christmas home tour graphic with picture of large Christmas tree in a corner with blue ribbon and elegant Christmas ornaments.  A pair of gold mirrors and a woman's portrait on the walls and a glimpse of a grand piano and marble tulip table with red poinsettias.
Eclectic Global Christmas Home Tour

If you are coming from Casa Watkins Living, hello! Today is our second day of A Very Global Christmas series where we are sharing 12 days of globally inspired Christmas DIYs, decorating ideas, and entertaining tips.

A "Very Global Christmas 2019" banner graphic.
A Very Global Christmas with Casa Watkins Living & Up to Date Interiors

Yesterday I shared our elegant, eclectic, and old-world style Christmas tree in its full glory with twinkling lights so for today’s Christmas tour I thought candlelight (in the middle of the day) would be nice.

The rest of the decor meets that old-world style and adding touches of chinoiserie and Haute bohemian vibes definitely gives it global flare. Let’s get started, shall we?

A pretty foyer decorated for Christmas with light neutral walls, a modern brass and white foyer ceiling light, black front door open with a large greenery wreath and a traditional foyer rug.  A gold rosemary start wreath hangs on the coat closet door with brass bells hanging from the door handle.
An Elegant Christmas Home Tour

Howdy, please come on into our Fort Worth, 60’s single-story ranch. Our entire living area is open concept so I’m sharing all of the living spaces with you today.

Close up of a black front door opened into a grey foyer with a mixed greenery wreath with black satin ribbon hanging on the door.  A gold round mirror is behind the door and a pathos plant sits in the corner.
Seasonal wreath with black ribbon

Our foyer is so easy to decorate for the seasons after completing a makeover last Spring. I switch out decorating accessories on the foyer cabinet that usually holds a pottery bowl for car keys and shades. Now it has a Japanese bowl with greenery and a candle for a holiday centerpiece.

Elegant Christmas Home Tour Decorating Tips

Holiday decorating tip #1: Keep a pretty container in your foyer and change out its contents for the season. For example; Fall pumpkins, Easter eggs, and Christmas ornaments.

A Christmas foyer with a black asian cabinet decorated with books and a chinoiserie bowl with a candle.  Lotus art in a gold frame hangs above with a floral arrangement to the side.
Foyer centerpiece with chinoiserie style.

Last year a group of wreaths looked so pretty on the coat closet door that I decided to try a different wreath this year. I’ll be sharing that DIY later this week.

View of foyer wall with black asian cabinet and gold art in eclectic global style.
Christmas foyer.

I love that right when you walk in through the front door you are greeted with a full gallery wall. We have so many paintings and photos from travels and family. It’s nice to see them all grouped together.

A gallery wall with light colors fill an entire hallway wall with a mirror hanging at the end of the hallway.  A small table is nestled underneath.
Wall gallery in the foyer.

To the front of the house is my piano studio where I teach three days a week and the perfect spot for a Christmas tree. You can read all about tree decor and how to get the look in yesterday’s Christmas tree post plus find tree decorating styles and inspiration from a lot of my favorite bloggers.

Holiday decorating tip #2: To freshen up your Christmas tree decor each year add one new element like a set of new ornaments, ribbon in a new color, or a different tree topper.

A beautiful blue ribbon and elegant Christmas ornaments decorated tree is in a corner with mirrors and woman's portrait on the wall.  You can see part of a grand piano and a small marble table with black farmhouse chairs.
Christmas tree in the corner with portrait.

Christmas presents are already making their way under the tree. It’s my husband’s job to wrap them because he is a perfectionist! I always rush through and end up with a sloppy job.

I did enjoy adding a DIY touch to the gift wrapping and will be sharing exactly how I did that later.

A close up view of a decorated tree against a dark green wall with a guitar  leaning in the corner and presents underneath the tree.
Christmas presents with DIY gift wrapping.
A close up view of a beautiful Christmas tree decorated elegantly with blue ribbon, glass ornaments, and candle lights.  Wrapped presents are underneath.
Sant tin under Christmas tree.
A gold wrapped present with an initial and mini wreath on top are under a tree.
Colorful gift wrapping.

The tree is nestled into the corner and provides a lovely view to whoever is sitting at the piano. Two mini moss wreaths are hanging on the pair of gold mirrors. The mirrors help brighten the dark corner and make the space feel larger.

A blue and white Christmas tree is behind a piano decorated with books and candles.
Christmas tree behind the piano with blue and white decor.

I enjoy updating everyday decor for the seasons. I added a little bit of dollar tree garland to my trio of candles on the piano and poinsettias are sitting in an antique chamber pot.

Holiday decorating tip #3: Add garland and/or ornaments to everyday decor to make it perfect for the holidays.

A trio of taper lights with black candle holders wrapped in garland sit on a stack of books on top of a piano.  A red poinsettia and Christmas are in the background.
Candles and poinsettias on the piano.

In front of the tree is a small tulip table that gets used as a homework station, puzzles, game playing, and reading. The table is versatile and gets moved around often. It can also seat four extra guests at our dining table when we have company.

A cute bistro marble tulip table with black chairs sit in front of a Christmas tree.  A red poinsettia and red and green Christmas books sit on top of the table.
Tulip table with poinsettias.
Christmas books stacked on a marble table with a mini wreath on top.
Christmas books.

To the left of the piano is my music cabinet and Daphne. She is sporting a blue ribbon to match the tree.

Holiday decorating tip #4: Put a ribbon on it! Tie a piece of satin ribbon in a bow or just let it hang around vases, candle sticks, potted plants, and anything that needs a touch of glam. Black satin is my favorite and looks so chic.

A grey and glass music cabinet sits in front of a green wall with a large picture window.   A baby grand piano with a velvet and fringe bench sit to the right with ferns behind it.
Music cabinet and piano.
A woman's bust is decorated with necklaces and ribbon for Christmas against an oil landscape painting and green wall.
Daphne in a blue satin ribbon.

Our living room has seen some recent changes with new artwork, sofa, and just switching things around.

A living room with green velvet sofa, white coffee table, green chair, and white walls.
Open concept living and dining room.

I moved our arch floor lamp over to make room for the tree and I love it in its new spot! I’ve been wanting a visual divider between the living and dining spaces and I think it does the job splendidly.

A green velvet sofa with a fringe arched floor lamp over it.
Fringed arch lamp.
Green velvet sofa with a fringe arch lamp and a dining area and kitchen behind.
View into dining and kitchen.

Just behind it is a sweet seasonal vignette with winter art, a DIY gilded noel sign, and more dollar store garland wrapped candlesticks.

A carved dark wood cabinet decorated for Christmas with a Noel sign, candles, and a modern Santa Claus in a cloche.  Art hangs on the wall above.
Christmas noel vignette.

I guess we can go right around the corner into the dining room. I’ll be sharing all of the details on the Christmas tablescape later in the Christmas series. But here’s a glimpse of it.

My favorite is the use of Japanese obi and garland on the chandelier which is finally centered over the table.

A glass top dining table is nestled under a window with a bench and long red pillow.  Two wood MCM chairs are on the opposite side.  A gold chandelier with white lamp shades is decorated with Christmas garland and bird art hangs on the wall.  The kitchen is directly behind the dining area.
Small space dining area.

I usually don’t decorate the kitchen but this year I decided to give it a try! I hung a couple of wreaths and added Christmas towels. I love to keep the counters clear and display paintings and prints around. They stay out all year.

A kitchen with white cabinets and granite countertops with two pretty wreaths hanging centered above the stove-oven.
Holiday decor in the kitchen.
A close up of two wreaths hanging on cabinet doors above the microwave in the kitchen.
Cabinet wreaths.

And here is the view from the kitchen back to the dining and living rooms. Wow! That’s a lot of Christmas.

A view of a small dining area in an open concept living space decorated for Christmas in a colorful eclectic style.
Holiday dining and living rooms.

To the right of the dining table is a blank wall as I moved our dining buffet out to create more space. I hung my DIY Scandinavian-inspired Christmas wreaths from last year in the space.

Christmas home tour with elegant decorating ideas.  View from dining are with a glass top table and wood chairs to the back of green velvet couch and german smear fireplace wall.  Lots of eclectic decor.
Eclectic, elegant, and old-world style Christmas decor.

And now we’re getting to my favorite wall. The faux German smear fireplace! I’m still so in love with the easy DIY treatment and everything pops on it. Since I left the mantel garland asymmetrical I did the same for the beaded garland.

I need a name for our new portrait. He was recently gifted to me and I love how quirky it is, especially with Christmas decor!

A black Christmas mantel with a man's portrait, tall brass candlesticks, garland, and gold beads is on a german smear stone fireplace with a gold peacock screen.
An eclectic and moody Christmas mantel.

Global elements were added to our coffee table decor with a Swedish candle chime and one of our bird cages I picked up in Hong Kong filled with DIY Japanese brushstroke ornaments.

A large white washed wood coffeetable with chrome trim is decorated with a tray of books and brass cranes, a black bamboo birdcage with Christmas ornaments inside, and Christmas candles and decorative grapes on coffee table books.
Global Christmas coffee table decor.
A black bamboo birdcage with ornaments sits on a coffee table in front of a green chair and built in bookcase with Christmas candles.
Birdcage with Japanese paintbrush ornaments.
Swedish candle chimes sit on books on a coffee table.
Swedish candle chimes.

The last little Christmas vignette is the bar cart between the living and dining spaces.

A large painting of birds in bright green is hanging above a gold bar cart decorated for Christmas.
Bar cart with gold stemware, ornaments, and Moravian star light.

I had fun adding color-blocking ornaments in my grandmother’s tom collins pitcher and Aunt Ruby’s crystal ice bucket. The gold champagne flutes were a gift from my grandfather.

More crystal holds some faux pine stems on the bottom shelf with the Moravian star light. I love having so many family heirlooms!

A gold bar cart decorated for Christmas with minimal garland and black satin ribbon, pine cone branches, and ornaments.
Close up of holiday bar cart.

The room I left out is our windowless office but you can check out decorating ideas for that space!

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

That wraps up today’s tour. I hope you found the decorating tips helpful and if you have any to share, please leave me a comment! I hope to have the bedrooms, hallway, and possibly the office decorated for Christmas soon.

Next on today’s Christmas house tour is my long-time friend Emily from Our House Now a Home.

A Very Merry Christmas Home Tour graphic.
A Very Merry Christmas Home Tour


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