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How to Make an Elegant Spring Basket Wreath with Repurposed Items

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Create an elegant basket wreath by repurposing baskets and faux floral stems you already have. Step by step instructions and video included.

I’m so giddy about today’s basket wreath. Threshing baskets are so easy to come by and you probably have one or two around the house. With a little creative imagination, you can transform them into a beautiful elegant wreath for your front door decor. Let me show you how easy it is.

Well hi there and welcome to day four of A Very Global Easter Series!  The days and DIYs are flying by but there are still a couple of new Easter projects left before the series is complete.  Today Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing how to make globally inspired Easter/Spring wreaths.

Create an Elegant Basket Wreath for Your Front Door

Elegant Eclectic Spring basket Wreath with pink and yellow threshing baskets on a black door and purple and green floral stems with succulents inside.
Elegant Basket Wreath

Yesterday I told you all of my Easter DIYs this year were inspired by some pretty candlesticks in moody hues.  But I would also like to add, all of the materials for the DIYs were repurposed items I already had so I haven’t spent a penny this week!

What you need for a Spring wreath

  1. A flat bottom basket like a threshing basket, woven tray, shallow wicker basket, or decorative wall basket
  2. Leftover floral stems in the same color family (think all cool or warm colors)
  3. Greenery like succulents, air plants, and leaves
  4. Florist wire
  5. Hot glue and hot glue sticks
  6. Wire cutters or scissors
Elegant And Modern Spring basket Wreath with green and purples on a white table.  Crescent shape floral arrangement inside threshing baskets make for a beautiful home decor piece.
Floral Layout for Basket Wreath

My baskets were already painted for a renter-friendly DIY wall decor idea when we lived in Japan but if you want to paint yours, just add water to acrylic paint to create a “wash” and brush it on. Let it dry completely before beginning.

How to put together an elegant and eclectic floral wreath with threshing baskets

  1. Create a lovely Spring floral arrangement in your hanging basket starting with one long floral or greenery stems to fit in the curve or edge of the basket in a crescent shape and secure it in place with hot glue.
  2. Add in little pieces of floral with hot glue until it’s as full as you like and the initial stem is mostly covered.
  3. Lastly, add smaller embellishments if you have them. Succulents and a little bird make for fun textural elements. So would berries, pinecones, seashells, and other outdoor finds!
  4. Thread wire through the back to hang.

I’ve been good about recording video tutorials this week so watch me in action as I put this wreath together in minutes.

I’m super happy with how it turned out and it’s perfect for Spring/Summer decorating!   If you are wondering, I used Scotch clear mounting strips to hold the two baskets together securely and threaded the wire through the back of the larger basket for a hanger.

Elegant And Modern Spring Wreath with threshing baskets on a black front door.
Spring Basket Wreath
Elegant And Modern Spring Wreath close up with green, pink, black, and purples and a green bird.
Close up of Bird on Wreath

I just love unique wreath ideas and this one fits the bill! The details are so pretty in this modern basket wreath. All of the floral pieces were repurposed from previous flower arrangements and dollar store projects.

Spring Basket wreath close up of purple flowers and succulent on a pink background hanging on a black front door.
Basket Wreath with Succulents and Flowers

I’ve thought about changing our door color but I love how this Spring basket wreath pops hanging on it! It sure adds a lot of character to our home.

A threshing basket wreath with deep purple and green stems arranged in a half moon shape looks stunning on a black front door.
An Elegant Basket Wreath for the Front Door
A threshing basket wreath with deep purple and green stems arranged in a half moon shape looks stunning on a black front door which opens to a bright foyer with large art and plant.
Eclectic-Chic Foyer

This would work for our summer door wreath too! The colors are glorious and don’t they remind you of a warm summer sunset? 🙂

Two threshing baskets stacked and arranged with moody floral stems makes a beautiful door decorationg for spring and summer.
Basket Wreath Idea for Spring
A black front door is decorated for spring and summer with a flat basket wreath in warm colors.
Bright and Colorful Basket Wreath on a Dark Front Door

Stephanie also used a threshing basket for her Gypsy Boho Spring Basket Wreath.  We are two peas in a pod I tell ya! 

Gypsy Boho Spring Basket Wreath from Casa Watkins Living.
Gypsy Boho Spring Basket Wreath from Casa Watkins Living

Do you have any extra baskets in your home decor stash? Will you try one of these floral wreath ideas? Check out my friend’s beautiful hanging basket wreath if that’s the type of basket you want to work with!

If you’ve missed any of the other posts from this series, you can find them at A Very Global Easter Page.

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.


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