Fabric Chandelier {DIY of course!}

Greetings! I promised more DIY this week and here is one.  An EASY DIY Fabric Chandelier.   We have UFO looking lights in our rental. Usually I would just remove them and hang a different light fixture.  These lights, however, were stuck up there after the ceiling was painted, so they are a little more permanent. 🙂  We are at least able to change the light bulbs.  So I thought of a way to hang a chandelier around the light fixture, spending less than 10 dollars, and it’s temporary! Hurray!! SONY DSC

Fabric Chandelier


Supplies for fabric chandelier:

Florist wire wreath ($3.99 at Hobby Lobby)

White fabric (I spent $4.99 for a yard of white cotton fabric with a print at Walmart, if you use lining fabric it would be even less expensive.)

White Spray Paint (leftover, free!)

Hot Glue

White Thread

Screw in hooks


Step 1: Paint the wire wreath white.

Step 2:  Fold your fabric to make it easier and faster to cut 1 inch strips.

Step 3.  Pull ends of fabric strips through wire wreath, add a line of hot glue and fold fabric strip flap over to secure.

Step 4.  Follow this method all the way around the wreath.

(optional) Take advantage of the different layers of wire and use enough fabric to create tiers.  You will probably need 4-5 yards for this.

Step 5.  Attach to ceiling around existing light fixture with screw in hooks.

Step 6.  Gather the tail ends and tie white thread around or a fabric scrap to secure.   I also used thread around the tie and attached from the inside to the hooks at top.  This helped give it a balloon effect.


It’s amazing what you can do with $10!! Have you tried making a light fixture?  Looking for more rental friendly ideas?  Check out these DIYs and decorating tips.


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  1. How amazing!! I love the way it accentuates your livingroom 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Nancy!! I think I’m going to add more fabric and make it fuller. I’m keeping my eye out for more scraps. lol

  2. This is lovely and there are so many possibilities with the type of fabric! I would add “screw-in hooks” to your supply list at the beginning.

    I really like your living room, my couch is a similar color. Could you please share where you got the rug and coffee table?

    Thanks for an inspiring tutorial!


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I added hooks to my supply list. 🙂 If you are talking about our family room (with the fabric chandelier) the rug came from a daily deals web site like One Kings Lane and the coffee table was from walmart a million years ago and I upholstered and painted it. The living room rug (gray and white) came from Rugsusa.com and you can still find it there. The coffee table was a rescue piece of furniture from Habitat for Humanity. 😉 You can read about it here.

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