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Inspired by DIY: Fake a Kate

Join the Inspired by DIY series for monthly projects inspired by your favorite designers and stores. Our first feature is Kate Spade and we have some gorgeous and easy DIYs for your try to get these high end looks for less.

Welcome to our first Inspired By DIY series hosted by Jess from Domicile 37!  Today’s theme is Fake a Kate and I’m thrilled to see what everyone has come up with.  I was inspired by Kate Spade’s beautiful Hampton Street Vase which retails for $75.00.  Scroll down to see how created my look for pennies.

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Gold Band Vase


Here’s what you need for Kate Spade inspired vase:

  • A tall glass vase (check your local dollar store if you don’t already have one in your house)
  • Painters or washi tape
  • Gold and black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft knifeSONY DSC

Make it:

Step one:  Tape off stripes.  You may need to cut the tape to create the skinny bands. SONY DSC

Step two:  Paint two light coats of chalk paint.  This will work as a primer for the gold.  SONY DSC

Step three:  Paint 2-3 light coats of gold craft paint. SONY DSC

Step four:  IMPORTANT!! Use a craft knife to score the paint around the tape so the paint doesn’t peel off the glass.  Remove the painter’s or washi tape. SONY DSC

Style with a pink flower and your favorite black and white accessory for extra “Kate” credit.SONY DSCI can’t wait to see what my friends did for their Kate knock-offs!  Let’s go check them out!!2-1-1024x350

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  1. Wow! Your vase looks 100% like Kate’s and who knew that chalk paint can act like a primer? I learn something new from you all the time and I love how budget savvy you are!

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