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Fall Friday Feature

decorating-tips Good morning readers! Tonight is the Marine Corps Birthday Ball and I am so excited for this weekend.  We are staying at a B&B for a couple of nights and this be the first time my husband and I will be without our kids this year. (That’s what happens when there is an 8 month deployment.) =)

The cooler temps this week sure are putting me in the mood for Fall, what about you? Does it feel like Fall yet? I’m sure some of you are experiencing really cold weather. Well, let’s get our homes ready for the cool weather.  This Fall Friday Feature is a living room  with 5 decorating tips to help make your space feel all warm and cozy! In the next couple of weeks we will tackle the dining room and the bedroom.

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1. What style reminds me of Fall you ask? Why a cabin style of course. To bring a cabin feel into your space, try adding an animal we associate Fall with. A moose, owl, chipmunk, deer, fox….  It can be a silhouette on the wall, a picture on a pillow, or a figure sitting on your mantel (or a head on the wall).

2. Heat it up! Nothing says cozy like a fire burning in the fireplace.  If you don’t have one (like myself), candles or an electric stove fireplace will do the trick.

3. Back to the cabin feel, I love adding natural elements to any space. The wild flowers and rustic table in this room bring warmth and comfort. Don’t underestimate the power of layering too! Try styling your coffee table with stacks of books and elements that nod to nature.

4. More layering. Throw blankets are the easiest way to bring instant coziness to a space. For the Fall, try using a plaid, velvet, or wool throw to bring warmth. Adding or switching out pillows for warmer colors will encourage a Fall atmosphere too.

5. Rugs. I love the idea of adding a sheep skin rug (doesn’t need to be a large area rug) by the sofa just for Fall and Winter. You can even throw it on the back of the sofa or on top of an existing rug.

Are you inspired to “Fallorize” your space now?


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