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Beautiful and Unique Front Door Wreaths You’ll Fall in Love With

Find a mix of beautiful and easy DIY unique front door wreaths and my favorite online store picks for beautiful modern Fall wreaths!

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Aren’t the change of seasons the best? Each one feels like a fresh start in some way with new things to look forward to. The beginning of Fall leads us into the holiday season and the months seem to go by so fast.

Summer is wonderful but I love the productivity of the Fall school year and upcoming holidays for family traditions, activities, and creativity.

Unique Front Door Wreaths for Fall

Enjoy taking your time to update the seasonal decor in anticipation of Autumn even if it is just a front door wreath. Whether you are a DIYer or shopper when it comes to finding the perfect Fall outdoor wreath, I’ve got you covered.

Make an Outdoor Wreath for Fall

Use these DIY wreath ideas to inspire your own Fall wreath with supplies you probably already have or can find at the dollar store.

  1. DIY Fall Leaves Wreath from Autumn at Home series. My most recent wreath and currently hanging on my front door is an Autumn leaves wreath I made by repurposing a threshing basket and foliage I’ve had for years. Watch a video tutorial from my Autumn at Home series where I’ve asked nine of my creative friends to share a Fall inspired wall or door hanging that you can make without leaving your house. This is perfect if you are looking to repurpose old floral stems and Fall decor.
  2. DIY Succulent Fall Wreath. This beautiful wreath was made with a lot of faux succulents and leaves that I found at a dollar store and is on a grapevine wreath form. The brass bells add a global touch! Find the full succulent fall wreath tutorial here. Faux succulents are my favorite stems to use becuase they look so real!
  3. Dollar Store Moss and Floral Fall Wreath. Pick up all of the supplies needed for this fun wreath at your local Dollar Tree. Find the details on how to make a moss and floral wreath here. This one is super easy on your pocketbook.
  4. Eclectic Fall Wreath. Think outside of the box when it comes to your wreath form. I used an empty picture frame for this DIY colorful and eclectic Fall wreath. I can’t be the only one that breaks glass but wants to repurpose the frame! You can also give the frame a quick update with a fresh coat of spray paint.
  5. DIY Pinecone Wreath Two Ways. I had a friend make a beautiful pinecone wreath and you can find my version plus all of the tips and tricks you need for making a pinecone wreath here. Another beautiful and natural wreath option with wonderful texture.
  6. Repurposed Basket and Floral Pieces Wreath. This colorful and moody door hanging was actually a Spring wreath made completely from recycled home decor I already had. The warm color palette works perfectly for Autumn too. Paint a thrifted basket with a warm color and add more Autumanl hues with florals to create something similar.
  7. DIY Floral Crescent Moon Wreath. Last year I tried my hand at coming up with a modern Halloween wreath and I made this crescent floral moon wreath. How great does it look against our dark door? You won’t believe how easy it is to make! This wreath is one of my most popular DIYs!
  8. Fall Eclectic Wall Hanging. This DIY Fall hanging is perfect if you have a decorative wrought iron wall hanging already in your house. Just give it a quick coat of gold spray paint and embellish it with a few Autumnish items. Find out how I made my Fall gold wall hanging here. I think most people have some sort of wrought iron wall hanging when we start decorating our first or second home. This is the perfect time to use it in a fresh way!
  9. Dollar Tree Eucalyptus Wreath. I was super excited to find cheap eucalyptus stems, pinecones, and a thin grapevine wreath form for this pretty wreath idea. I added a few pheasant feathers for more interest. You can read about how I made an inexpensive Fall wreath in this post. You can also forge your yard for wreath embellishments and keep the costs down or free.

I also love this DIY beautiful Autumn embroidery hoop wreath and this felt leaf wreath for Fall.

My Favorite Online Unique Front Door Fall Wreaths

Even though I love being creative and making my own home decor, I also LOVE shopping for modern seasonal pieces. I had fun browsing the web to find my favorite round-up of fall wreaths from stores I personally shop at. You’ll find ones at different price points and maybe they’ll inspire you to replicate one on your own. Which one is your favorite?

*Please read the wreath’s description, some suggest only hanging in protected outside areas. Read below to see how to weatherproof your wreath and other answers to commonly asked questions.

Find the crafting supplies I use the most on my Amazon storefront page.

Q&A about hanging outdoor Fall wreaths

  • How do you protect a wreath from the weather? Use a UV blocking sunblock spray or a clear waterproof sealant coat.
  • How do I hang a wreath? The most common tool is an overdoor decorative wreath hanger that is often available in many different styles and finishes. An alternative way to avoid holes is a command hook. Use suction cup hangers when hanging on glass and try brick clips to hang a wreath on masonry. You can also string up the wreath with ribbon and secure the ribbon at the top of the door with a staple or nail. Use a small nail on a wood door if you aren’t concerned with the hole. Also, tie the wreath directly to a door knocker with a decorative ribbon or trim.
  • Is it safe to put a dried floral wreath outside? Yes, but hang your wreath in a sheltered spot to avoid wind and rain. If you live in an area with high humidity keep it inside.
  • How long do dried flower wreaths last? They can last 1-3 years especially with a protective coat of clear sealant. Keep out of direct sun, wind, and humidity.
  • How do I make an outdoor wreath? Basic supplies you’ll need are a grapevine wreath, styrofoam wreath form, or wire wreath form and faux foliage. The basic tools are a hot glue gun and glue, florist wire, and cutters. First, shape your foliage by bending wire stems and pieces to curve around the wreath form. Keep moving and placing pieces around the wreath form until you get the desired look. Stick with one type of flower or leafy stem to keep it simple and pretty. Second, trim off access stems and split apart larger floral units if needed. Then secure the foliage in place with wire or hot glue. Last, embellish with ribbon trim or bow and any other items.

I would love to hear how you are getting ready for Fall. Check out this page for 50+ ideas for Fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween with free printables. Leave me a comment and let’s chat.

Fall Wreaths Collage for Pinterest featuring DIY wreaths.
DIY Unique Front Door Wreaths for Fall
A beautiful pinterest graphic showing a collage of online stores modern fall wreaths.
Modern Wreaths for Fall


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