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Easy Colorful Faux Succulent Wall Art with Dollar Store Supplies

Make faux succulent wall art with DIY felt succulents and artificial moss and plants using simple step-by-step instructions.

Do you love the look of living wall art but are not crazy about using live plants? Check out how I made a colorful faux living wall art with felt succulents and dollar store moss rocks in this creative DIY on a budget.

DIY Faux Succulent Wall Art

If you are new here, howdy! I’m a retired military spouse who moved back to Texas after being gone for 19 years.

I perfected the art of rental decorating and overcoming challenges in small spaces for over fifteen years but now am tackling homeownership with a new set of challenges!

Our family of four lived in some of the most beautiful coastal towns in the US and Japan which have influenced my colorful and global style with DIYs and furnishings in our one-story 60’s ranch-style home in Fort Worth.

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience to brands I love. You still pay the same price but I may earn a small commission.

I’m excited to participate in another Create and Share with my talented friends.  We all started with the same plain wood tray to create something new this time around!  If you are interested in the tray, you can find it with three different size options on Amazon.

A DIY faux succulent wall art-planter graphic with picture of felt succulents, faux moss, rocks, and faux succulents in a tray leaning on a counter.
DIY Faux Succulent Wall Planter

As soon as our lovely hostess Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living suggested this tray, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I’ve been eyeing beautiful faux and real living wall art pieces on Pinterest for a while and decided to make my own with the tray and dollar store items I had in my crafting stash.

DIY Faux Succulent Wall Art

DIY Faux Succulent Wall Art

Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Create a cute artificial living art with DIY felt succulents and faux moss rocks.


  • A tray; repurposed, new, or unfinished.
  • Felt squares in various succulent colors like blue, green, purple, and yellow.
  • Faux succulents, greenery, and moss rocks from the dollar store.


  • Teal and white craft paint or spray paint if the tray needs paint.
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and sticks.


  1. (Option) Sand and paint the tray white with spray paint on the outside edges and trim.
  2. (Optional) Tape off when dry and paint the inside a dark color like teal with craft paint and a brush.
  3. Cut a spiral shape from the felt squares starting at an outside corner about 1/4" in. Cut straight across and rotate at each corner until reach the middle.
  4. Roll up the piece of felt from the center of the spiral and hot glue the outside end in place.
  5. Once you have 20 felt succulents in various colors, arrange them in the tray with faux plants and moss.
  6. Secure them in place with hot glue.
  7. Attach a picture hanger on the back of the tray to hang on the wall if needed.

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What you need to make a fake succulent wall art:

  1. Tray (Repuprosed, thrifted, or like the one I linked to above)
  2. Teal and white craft paint or other dark color for the inside of the tray
  3. Felt squares in different greens, blues, yellows, and purples
  4. Faux succulents/air plants or other greenery and moss rocks to fill in the around the felt succulents
  5. Scissors
  6. Hot glue gun and gluel sticks

How to create an articifical scculent wall art:

First, prepare the tray unless you are starting with a decorative tray or basket tray.

  • Lightly sand an unfinished wood tray.
  • Give the outside sides and edges two light coats of spray paint or use craft paint and a brush. Make sure to read the paint directions before application.
  • Once the white paint is dry to the touch, tape off the edges and spray paint or hand paint a darker color inside.  I had a sample jar of teal paint left over from my kitchen table makeover that was perfect for the background.
Create a fake succulent wall planter with a tray.  A picture collage showing a wood tray, painted white on the outside and teal on the inside.
Painted Tray Steps

How to make DIY felt succulents:

The next step is to make little felt succulents in different colors.

  • Cut a square spiral in a piece of felt starting from an outside edge and cutting straight across about 1/4″ thick. Rotate at each corner to keep the spiral going all of the way to the middle.
  • Start from the center of the spiral and roll up the felt.  
  • Place a little bit of hot glue on the end to hold into place. The square shape creates the points found in succulents.
Succulent wall art DIY with felt succulents.  Picture showing mint green square felt cut in a spiral and a piece rolled up that looks like a felt succulent on a white table.
Cutting a Felt Succulent

Keep making felt succulents until you have enough to fill at least half of the tray. I made around 20.

DIY felt succulents in greens, yellows, blues, and purples on a white surface.
Felt Succulents in Various Colors

Arrange the felt succulents and moss rocks in the tray and secure each one with a little hot glue on the backside.

A DIY artificial moss wall art with felt succulents in a white tray laying on a white table with plants nearby in green, purple, yellow, and blue.
Artificial Moss Wall Art with Felt Succulents

Now it’s time to pop in other greenery as you wish into the tray. I used faux succulents in different sizes. Secure them with more hot glue one by one. Watch those fingers!  

Fake succulent wall art in a white tray with felt and faux succulents and moss rocks in yellows, blues, green, and blues.
Faux Living Wall Art

The end product is a colorful artificial moss wall art with succulents. Isn’t it cute?

Colorful artificial succulent wall art leaning in a foyer with other art and seashells on a white counter with white walls and lots of natural sunlight in Okinawa, Japan.
Colorful Artificial Succulent Wall Art

Attach a picture hanger to the backside if you want to hang it on the wall! Otherwise, it looks great leaning on a shelf.

A quick and easy fake succulent wall decor DIY showing a white tray full of moss rocks and succulents leaning with other art pieces and sea shells on a white counter with white walls in a bright foyer.
A Fun and Easy Fake Succulent Wall Decor DIY

I mixed it in with art and seashells in our bright and eclectic foyer when we lived in Okinawa, Japan.

A colorful faux succulent wall art in a white tray leaning on a white shelf in a bright foyer.
DIY Faux Succulent Wall Art
A beautiful faux succulent wall decor DIY in a white tray is leaning on a counter with other art and seashells a bright and white foyer.
Faux Succulent Wall Decor

I’m super happy that I didn’t have to make a trip to the store for supplies for this project.  If I ever get tired of it, I can always pull out the “plants” and peel off the hot glue to have a pretty teal and white functional tray.  Right now, I’m loving it!

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

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  1. Hi, Kathy ~ This tray looks absolutely beautiful! And I love those felt flowers. :0) The tray looks great in your foyer, and I’ll bet you’ll have some conversations with guests.

  2. Love how creative and unique this is. I kind of don’t even have words to describe how much I love it because it’s so cool and I’ve never seen anything like it. 🙂 Pinning away! Another great project.

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