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Friday Favorites No 4

Hi there! I hope you have been enjoying the pictures I have shown you of our Okinwan Adventures.  There are so many exciting things to do and beautiful places to see.  This week, I thought it would be fun to share some of the “challenges” I have had in Okinawa.  Maybe you can get a good laugh or two.

Friday Favorites No 4


We have really enjoyed trying new foods here.  My motto is “I’ll try anything once!”.  Well, almost.  Whole, cold-chewy little fishes are a no-no.  My son and husband ate an entire bowl saying it tasted like beef-jerky.  I actually put one half way in my mouth but when I bit down, the fish deflated a little and I couldn’t bite it off. ACK!!!


Me and Okinawan driving do not mix well together.  I’ve lost my license, broken a mirror, and gotten a ticket in the short two months we’ve been here. What?!? Not to mention driving on the wrong side of the road and the wrong way down a one way.  I have, however, mastered 30 point turnarounds.


No one can recall a Tsunami hitting Okinawa in recent years.  These signs (right by my house!), do not make me feel better.  Typhoons I can handle (I think!), a big wave? Not so much.

Things I’ve enjoyed recently:

Free Spring printables, especially this one.

Spring flowers and floral arranging tips for the home.

Caribbean design inspiration from the Dominican Republic.

More Easter DIY ideas that are absolutely gorgeous and fun!  Crepe paper vegetables surprise and Watercolor Ombre Easter eggs.

Have a lovely weekend friends, signature-clear

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