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Frugal Decorating Tips for the Bathroom

Greetings! I’m still enjoying our first finished space and have lots of frugal decorating tips for the bathroom to share with you today.

I paid close attention to Leslie when she shot my bathroom and she answered all of my questions about photography.  This was the first interior space she had shot but you would have never guessed.  The photos were beautiful.  (You can see them here.) SONY DSC


Tip 1:  (And this goes with all of the decorating tips!) When looking for bathroom accessories, search the dollar store and dollar sections of Target and craft stores for the perfect items! Everything I used was $1.50 or less.  The only splurge you should make are on good towels.


Tip 2: Put bath salts and bubble bath in little containers and jars.  No one will know if you buy the cheap stuff.  It will look fancy. SONY DSC

SONY DSCTip 3: Don’t underestimate the power of spray paint to achieve a high-end look.  I found a glass jar for my bath salts and improved it by painting the plastic green lid copper.


I also spray painted my $1 succulents’ plastic pots copper instead of repotting them into nicer ones.

Here’s the before… SONY DSCand after.


Such a big difference!

Tip 4:  Think outside the box with pretty dishes and tea towels in the bathroom.

dishes-towels-bathroom-quoteLittle dishes are great for a bar of soap or to hold hair ties and jewelry. SONY DSCTea towels from the dollar section are the perfect size for a guest towel and can also add a pop of color. SONY DSCTip 5:  Don’t forget a tray to organize your bathroom items.  With so many options  for colors and patterns, it’s easy to transform a plain white tray with washi tape.


SONY DSC SONY DSCTip 6:  The dollar store is also a great place to find a scented candle.  candles-bathroom-quoteCandles are the easiest way to add warmth and a scent.  Just add one, two, or go crazy with them for a big impact and a relaxing environment. 🙂 SONY DSCTip 7:  The dollar or clearance section in a beauty store or department store is a great place to find facial masks, body scrubs, and lotions.    Place your hand lotion next to the hand soap.  Display scrubs and masks next to a loofa or towel so you and guests will use them!


SONY DSCTip 8:  Don’t forget flowers.  Make a cheap grocery store bouquet look lush and full with yard clippings.

SONY DSCPlace them in a recycled container.  You can also line the “vase” with leaves to hide a floral frog and stems.SONY DSC

A few flower heads is simple but looks beautiful floating in a a small dish of water. SONY DSC

SONY DSCWith all of these frugal tips you won’t want to leave the bathroom!

You can see find our entire bathroom tour here.

Right now, I think it’s time for a bubble bath.




images: Kathryn Baugher for Up to Date Interiors


  1. I love that you just spray painted things copper instead of buying expensive new items. This is something I think I’ll be doing for sure! Besides, then I won’t mind if my baby breaks anything because it didn’t cost too much!

  2. This article was super helpful! We just purchased a rental and I’ve been struggling to decorate it given you can’t permanently change anything

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