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Fun decorating ideas with Washi {part 1}

Hello! Happy April Fool’s.  Are you playing tricks on anyone today?

Even though it’s been a crazy week (with three unexpected Dr’s appointments) I got a couple of quick projects done with washi tape.  I never did get into the craze when we lived in NC but since we’ve been in Japan, I can’t go anywhere without spotting some.

So if you have some of that awesome tape lying around and a few extra minutes, here are a couple of ideas.


The first non permanent quick makeover is for the fridge.  Simply take a fun pattern or a bright color and cover your fridge handle.

Here’s our lovely white loaner fridge before…


The washi tape I used was inspired by our photo booth pictures on the side of the fridge.


Black and white polka dots.


It took two rows of tape to cover the handle. The tape will lay flat if you smooth it down with your finger.  SONY DSC

So cute. 😉

The area around the corner from my fridge is my desk wall.  Complete with fuse boxes and a fire extinguisher.  SONY DSC

I placed the extinguisher under the kitchen sink and covered the Japanese instructions with a green checkered washi pattern for a quick fix. SONY DSC

Placing pretty flowers (tissue paper ranunculus, coffee filter roses, and faux flowers to be exact) and a plant in front helps “camoflauge” it.  Since we have to be careful about holes in the walls, it may very well stay like this.


I also love taping up blogging notes right onto the wall with cute patterns.  My desk area has become a bright and pretty space that I enjoy working at. YAY!  SONY DSCThe lovely water color quote is from BrePurposed.

It’s a working progress y’all! For moving in a short two months ago, it’s getting there!



    1. Thanks Melissa!! I would have loved to paint it a color but washi is perfect for the “laoner”. lol More washi projects to come…. Just can’t get away from it in Japan.

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