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How to Create a Global Concrete Planter for a Quick Hostess Gift

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The Global Styler series is featuring DIY hostesses gift ideas including a concrete planter makeover that you can do in a just a few minutes.

The Global Styler:  Concrete Planter Makeover Hostess Gift

Howdy.  I hope you are having a great day!  We are kicking off the week with The Global Styler monthly series featuring handmade decor and decorating tips that are globally inspired.  For this month’s theme, my friends and I are sharing DIY hostess gifts for the holiday season.

DIY concrete fabric planter for the global styler
Easy concrete planter makeover with ribbon tape

I had a fun weekend of shopping and found this adorable concrete planter with a faux cactus for about $6.  I knew with a little help, it would be a perfect globally inspired hostess gift. 

Here’s what you need for the concrete planter makeover:

  • Concrete planter with real or live plant.
  • Global ribbon tape
  • Scissors

I bought some ribbon tape recently at the 100 yen store thinking the colors would be perfect for Fall or Christmas.  The patterns are found in popular Japanese fabrics and for under $2 I brought home 6 pretty colors.

Concrete Planter Makeover tutorial:

  1. Measure the circumference of your planter with the ribbon tape and cut the piece leaving a little extra length.
  2. For the first row of “fabric”,  trim the tape using a spot on the pattern as a guide to make a thinner piece (about an 1/8 of an inch).  
  3. Attach the ribbon tape at the top of the concrete planter aligning it around the rim.
  4. The second piece of ribbon tape can be full width so it will go on even faster.  After cutting your length, align it right under the top piece. 
  5.  Press down any wrinkles in the tape (or cut a tiny slit and press flat).

That’s it!  For under $10 and about 5 minutes you have a globally inspired concrete planter gift.  You can customize the colors to go with your hostess’ style or seasonal decor.

A quick and easy hostess gift. Concrete planter makeover with global fabric tape.
DIY Concrete Planter with Ribbon Tape

Now let’s check out what my friends created!  I just love that all of us have similar colors and style for our global DIY hostess gift ideas.


DIY Scandi Inspired Wood Ornaments @ Casa Watkins Living


Wine and Tassel Hostess Gift @ House Homemade


Felt & Tassel Wine Bottle Charm @ A Designer at Home 

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What have you been up to?  Did you have a good weekend? 

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  1. You always have the best crafting materials! I almost want to buy a plane ticket just to stock up on all the pretty crafting supplies you’ve found. I can definitely appreciate how easy this is. I could see myself whipping up one of these!

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