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Hi there!  Welcome to the first post of The Global Styler!  Casa Watkins Living, A Designer at Home, and I are so excited to share globally influenced DIYs and decorating tips the first Monday of every month.   Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I’m sharing how to create an eclectic doorknob hanger with DIY felt balls and a gilded clay heart.vday-doorknob-hanger-pinterest

I always spy the pretties color of wool at the 100 yen stores, so I decided to finally try my hand at wet felt balls.  It was super easy.  I also found tassels, bells, and leather cord at the 100 yen store.    (We seriously need Japanese “dollar stores” in the states.)

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Here’s what you need:


Thread and needle


Jewelry wire or jump rings


Gold leaf (glue and brush)

Leather cord

Polymere clay (rolling pin, pan, heart, knife, and toothpick)


How to make felt balls:

There are many fantastic youtube videos and tutorials out there but here are the basics.

Step 1:  Spread out the wool into a thin layer.

Step 2:  Dampen with soapy water.

Step 3:  Loosely ball up the wool and then roll it between your palms lightly until you achieve the desired shape.  (Dip the ball into warm water a few times while you are rolling it.)wet felt wool balls DIY

How to make a gilded clay heart:

Step 1:  Use a rolling pin to flatten a piece of clay.

Step 2: Cut out a heart shape with a stencil and/or exacto knife or cookie cutter.   Poke a hole at the top and bottom with a toothpick.

Step 3:  Bake as directed and cool.

Step 4:  Cover the clay heart with decoupage glue (I actually used a glue stick and it worked fine!) and lightly place a piece of gold foil over the glue.  Use a brush or gloved hand to remove loose pieces.  Repeat until the heart is covered. 

Assemble the doorknob hanger:

Step 1:  Use a needle and thread to attach the wool balls together with a brass bell at the end.

Step 2:  Copper wiring (or a jump ring) will hold the tassel in place and connect the ball garland to the heart.

Step 3:  Thread the leather cord through the top of the heart and hang! doorknob-hanger-valentines-dayvalentines-day-eclectic-decor with dollar store supplies

It’s a lovely way to adorn a door knob or dresser pull.  I love how it brightens our living room corner.

doorknob hanger for valentine's day

The eclectic doorknob hanger is playfully mixed in with a campaign style chest, wood stump, plant, and art to create a global eclectic style.  Love! Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!vday-pinterest-collage-heart-hanger

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  1. I’m kind of envious of that fabulous cabinet it’s hanging on tbh 😉

    I really adore how your door hanger turned out! I need, like, one hundred of them! I’ve never tried either of the DIYs you shared and I’m anxious to think up fun ways to try them out.

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