Add Global Style to Baskets with a 5 Minute DIY!


Update your plain baskets with Japanese or other decorative rope to give it more interest and global style. Perfect for pretty storage!

Hello friend!  Welcome to The Global Styler hosted by Casa Watkins Living.  This monthly series is all about decorating ideas and DIYs influenced by global patterns and decor.   We decided to give some baskets a global twist for today’s theme.   A big part of staying tidy in our small space living is being able to store things in plain site.  So I was happy to give some baskets a facelift with global style for pretty hidden storage solutions (and a planter!).

DIY Baskets with Decorative Rope

Global Basket Update Pinterest

I’ve been eying these obijime at our local thrift store for some time now.   They are decorative pieces of rope meant to bring out the beauty in Obi fabric which is the wide sash around the kimono used as a belt.  Here’s a display of them at the thrift store.  They range from 50 cents to $15.  Obijime Display Dragonfly Iwakuni Japan

I was thinking about adding tassels to them before I realized most of them already have them!!  Score!


The ones I picked out were under $5 for all five.  They have some interesting details I love.


So neat right?  Look for obijima on Ebay and Etsy or you can use something else like decorative braiding, cord, trim, or rope from your local craft store!

Simply tie and knot them around your basket and let the ends hang.  obijima-baskets-global-style-organization-storage

I had fun pairing a couple of the blues together.  This basket stores linens in our dining room.

global-style-basket-for-hidding-linensThe pink rope went around a little dollar store planter basket that needed an update.  I was able to wrap it three times.  I enjoy the pop of color and interest it adds.  Especially the knot.  I think it’s so cute! dollar-store-basket-rope-makeover

The orange rope is around a magazine basket that holds piano music. Keeping baskets under open legged chairs and tables definitely helps keep us organized and neat!


I still have one more obijime to use but plenty of more baskets that could use a fun color and layer!


So cute and super easy.  A perfect DIY for the weekend.  Have you started Spring cleaning yet?

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