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Gold Twine Trees


Hello friends.  How are y’all doing?  I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season and not getting swept into the holiday rush and stress.  Being in Okinawa this year makes us homesick for family back in the states but we are looking forward to our first Christmas in Japan.  We have plenty of holiday parties, Christmas lights, and church services to enjoy.

Here’s a last minute holiday DIY you can do in under a hour and you probably already have all of the materials!


I made these twine paper trees a couple of years ago (you can find them HERE) but gave them an update with a coat of gold spray paint.

How to make a paper cone:cone-making-steps1-3

1. Draw a quarter of a circle from the corner of the shortest side of craft paper.  If you don’t have the proper tool for this, you can tie a piece of string around a pencil and hold the end of the string on one corner and start drawing from the other.

Tip: Cut out 2 or 3 sheets together to save time.

2. Form your cone by creating a tip first and then adjusting the body of the cone.

3. Secure the cone with a strip of hot glue in the seam.

The first one is the hardest, it will get easier, the more you do!

Turn your paper cone into a tree:cones-steps

1.  To add twine, add a 1 inch strip of hot glue on the front and back and start wrapping. You can hide the end of the twine in the seam.

2,  Keep working in 1-2 inch sections until you reach the tip.  Cover the top with glue and tuck in the end of the twine. (I shoved the end of the twine inside the opening at the top)

3.  Trim off any hairs.

4.  Spray paint gold. SONY DSC

These are so simple to make and look good scattered throughout your holiday vignettes. SONY DSC

You can also use them for a winter forest. SONY DSC

They add a nice texture and gleam to our white built-ins. SONY DSC

The paper cones are good for making other types of trees like these felt scalloped trees I made HERE.


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