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Handmade Christmas Decor: Day 5 {Trees}


5-days-of-handmade-Christmas-Decor-with datesGood morning! It’s here, the last day of Handmade Christmas Decor, and I managed to not spend a penny on any of them. (And kept it under $5 for you!)  I hope you have enjoyed all of the crafts and are not up to your eyeballs in buttons, glue, and paper.

Well, I decided I needed more trees in my life. =) From the get go, I have been thinking of a mix of textures and materials. So today I am showing you how to create a cone shape from craft paper and  cover your trees in twine and beads.SONY DSC


Craft paper

Pencil and string


Hot glue




Instructions for cone shape

1. Draw a quarter of a circle from the corner of the shortest side of craft paper.  If you don’t have the proper tool for this, you can tie a piece of string around a pencil and hold the end of the string on one corner and start drawing from the other.

Tip: Cut out 2 or 3 sheets together to save time.

2. Form your cone by creating a tip first and then adjusting the body of the cone.

3. Secure the cone with a strip of hot glue in the seam.

The first one is the hardest, it will get easier, the more you do!

cone-making-steps 4-7

Decorating Your Cones

1.  To add twine (or ribbon), add a 1 inch strip of hot glue on the front and back and start wrapping. You can hide the end of the twine in the seam.

2,  Keep working in 1-2 inch sections until you reach the tip.  Cover the top with glue and tuck in the end of the twine. (I shoved the end of the twine inside the opening at the top)

3.  Trim off any hairs!

To cover in  beads, work in small sections again with hot glue.  Cover about an 1 1/2 inch section with hot glue then drop beads on it (over a plate or bowl), you can press them in gently.

All of my trees are back on the bookcase and now I have enough for each shelf.SONY DSC


 SONY DSC   SONY DSC SONY DSCIf you missed any of the other Handmade Christmas Decor, here are Days 1-4:

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend.

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