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10 Beautiful and Neutral DIY Decorating Ideas

Try these 10 gorgeous and neutral DIY handmade decor ideas using beach finds, dollar store items, repurposed and thrifted decor.

Hello friends!  I hope you are enjoying the summer weather.  Just in case you are experiencing some of those hot and humid days or rain, here are 10 fun handmade decor ideas to try while you are stuck inside!

10 Beautiful and Neutral DIY Decorating Ideas


1.  Plaster dipped silk flowers–  You can pretty much dip anything into plaster of paris and get an amazing result.  Messy but fun!plaster-flowers-dollar-store-flowers

2.  Seashell wreath–  Use those collections of seashells from the beach to create a pretty summer door wreath.DIY sea shell wreath with styrofoam wreath form

3.  Oyster mirror–  Repurpose a thrifted mirror with oysters.  Bonus, it’s a great excuse for an oyster bake first!update an old mirror with this gorgeous DIY oyster mirror

4.  Coffee filter roses–  Don’t want to leave the house on that hot or rainy summer day?  Find supplies in your kitchen to make these pretty flowers.Create gorgeous paper flowers with coffee filters.

5.  Hand Painted Vase and Cork Filler–  Upgrade one of those clear vases collecting in the cupboard with paint and paint markers.  It’s a great holder for those wine corks too.hand painted cork filler vase

6.  Pom pom garland– Pick colors for different holidays or room styles. Hang anywhere.DIY dollar store pom pom garland

7.  Zig-zag tray–  Another great repurposing project.  Find any ol’ tray that could use a face lift and try a fun pattern using painter’s tape and spray paint.update an old wood tray with paint and metallic and a trendy design

8.  Seashell Card Holders–  This diy requires the use of a hand rotary tool.  Please watch those fingers!  Add a touch of elegance to your summer dinners with these pretties.seashell place card holder

9.  Tissue paper flowers–  Use objects around the house to get the shape you need for different types of flowers.paper flowers diy

10.  Lamp Makeover–  Do you have a lamp that could use a little love?  Try wrapping the shade with rope and spray painting the base for a complete transformation!coastal-lamp-makeover-finished

Have you done any projects lately?


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