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How to Hang Curtains Without Putting Holes in the Wall


Keep your landlord happy and hang curtains without putting any holes in the wall plus other rental decorating ideas that are easy and inexpensive.

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Hi there!  If you are new here, welcome.  My blog’s main focus is on rental-friendly decorating ideas in a global eclectic style!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know we are in the middle of moving into a Japanese rental house.  We are expecting to get our furniture shipment this week!

This shipment has our office supplies, decor, and my beloved piano and music.  While I’m patiently waiting, I decided to do a little bit with what I do have.

The houses in Okinawa are built to withstand typhoons so often the walls are made of concrete. This already makes it hard to hang things plus the landlord only allows tiny little nails and we are also not allowed to paint the walls. Hanging curtains turned out to be an adventure.

renter friendly wall hangings and curtains

I knew I wanted to add more depth and interest with layers in our master bedroom. I realized pinch and pleat curtains for the existing curtains rods were the most cost-effective and easy to find after doing some research so I finally made the purchase.

I hung sheers that I had purchased from IKEA years ago over the Japanese curtains by attaching our curtain rod brackets to velcro strips.   IKEA is a great place to look for extra long curtains at a reasonable price by the way!

Four sets of curtains have successfully been hung in our house this easy method with command strips. I should warn you that this really only works for light cotton or sheers (or invest in more sturdy command strips!).

My heavier curtains fell down immediately when I tried hanging them this way.

Hang curtains without putting holes in the wall

I also used a few command hooks to hang three little mirrors and many other art pieces in the house.

They are official our first wall art!

rental friendly way to hang curtains

I found this large white fur rug (it’s about three times has big as in the picture) in a local shop for under $30!

I think we might need fur in every room.  It’s soooo soft.  The kids and I make “fur angels” in it!

rental decorating tips

There is still a lot be done.  If you caught my post last week, I shared an inspiration board for this room.

While we wait for it to come together, seeing the ocean from our sliding doors every day is amazing.

UPATE: You can see how the room turned out in our master bedroom reveal.

ocean view from rental

In the mornings the little farm is full of local elementary students up-keeping the land.

The school also plays classical music and traditional Japanese songs over the speakers all day.  It really is something.

ocean view from house rental in Japan

Even with the sheers closed, you can still see the blue water. 

hang curtains with command strips

Update:  Here’s our completed bedroom makeover and our full home tour!  Enjoy.



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  1. You are a magician. Do your children go to a Japanese school? Are they learning Japanese? Hope so. It is 22 degrees here this morning. Brrrr.

    1. Hi Katrina! I just used velcro command strips and attached one side to the part of the bracket, the screw goes through (there was overhang of the command strip, you can trim it!) and attach the other side directly to the wall. My daughters curtains have been hung like this for a year now. I’d say that is success. 😉 Good luck!

  2. My daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up and I want to hang curtains for the back of the cake table (like a backdrop). Im renting a place so I can’t make holes but I also wanted to hang 2 picture frames over the curtains (haven’t purchased them yet) but they are made from hard plastic and it says it weighs 3 pounds. Do you think these velcro strips will hold?

    1. Hi Alba. I would use hooks like these with a cafe (light weight) rod. Instead of hanging plastic frames from the rod, use extra command hooks (hidden behind curtain) for extra stability. Good luck!

  3. I am moving to an independent living apartment next year and they have those long blinds on the sliding doors and she told me I could not put curtains over them. But I am going to try your no holes and put my shears up over them. I don’t understand why they say that. Betty

  4. As a traveling chef, every move required different rules and styles, so design began as a difficulty, and ended up an adventure. My simple solution to hanging curtain rods, make a loop out of appropriate ribbon or fabric, use push pins or upholstery Brads (very tiny pinholes) slip ends of rods into spaced loops. Easy up, easy down, sturdy support. Decorative.

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