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Happy NYE and Love Your Space Challenge

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already New Year’s Eve.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday. We have been busy celebrating Christmas, birthdays (I’m officially 35!), and wedding preparations but enjoyed all of our hard work Sunday during my sister’s wedding.  It was a gorgeous old Hollywood/art deco inspired wedding with a live Jazz band and my toast went off without a hitch. Whew!

Last January Up to Date Interiors’ started it’s first Love Your Space Challenge.  Those “Love Your Space” challenges were created to complete one a day, Monday through Friday to make your home more enjoyable and functional.   Each week focused on a different area of the house.  There were options for a quick fix or for a bigger change. You can find all of last year’s challenges here.

“Up to Date Interiors’ philosophy is loving the spaces we live in.  Does that mean only decor and design?   It means how we live day-to-day, how functional and practical our spaces are, and learning how to love and appreciate what we have (while making things work for us!). “

This year’s challenge is a little different but with the same concept.  There will be a fun task for every day of January and you can post your finished project on Instagram.   Each task was considered with  a 15 minute time limit under $30 if not free. Isn’t that exciting? loveyourspace-pinterest

Here’s how to participate:

Follow Up to Date Interiors on instagram

Each day, post a picture of your completed challenge and tag #loveyourspacechallenge and #uptodateinteriors so we can all enjoy each other’s spaces!

I’m super excited to see and feature some of your finished tasks so please share them!!

Don’t miss a challenge!

Follow Up to Date Interiors on Facebook here.  I will be posting each challenge daily.



  1. I definitely do not love my space right now. It’s filled with kids stuff and I can’t wait to reclaim my house someday.

  2. That sounds like a great challenge! I love how just moving some furniture or adding a small thing makes a huge difference. Actually, we had some water damage from our washer that ruined the carpet in our closet, but it was a good thing in the long run because we ended up replacing the carpet with leftover hardwood from when the bedroom was redone. Even though it’s a tiny little room, it really finishes off the entire floor!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was filled with love, laughter and a ton of cake! 🙂
    Great challenge… I’m looking round the kitchen and wishing it didn’t look like a bomb blew up.
    I know once the Christmas decorations come down it will feel a lot better than it does right now.
    Can not wait to see the tips along the way!

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