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Holiday Home Tour with Christmas Tree Tinsel Garland and Warm Colors


Welcome to our holiday home tour and be inspired to use Christmas tree tinsel garland mixed with modern and warm decor.

Greetings friends!  I’m thrilled to share our Christmas Home Tour with you.  I’ve been so excited to share that I’ve had the tree up and decorated for about 2 weeks now.  

If you’re coming from My Life from Home, welcome! We are a military family living in Okinawa, Japan, and have even been featured in Apartment Therapy!

A holiday home tour featuring christmas tree tinsel garland in copper and silver with berry and gold ornaments.  Hand painted Japanese brush ornaments and dollar store snowflakes complete the tree.  Black washi tape wrapped candles are in the background.
Holiday Home Tour

Since we were only allowed to bring part of our household goods, our tree consist of repurposed and new ornaments.  I was especially excited to use Christmas tree tinsel garland for the first time.

It has a pretty pinkish copper tinsel garland and I love the sparkle!   Some bright pink ornaments and fur balls make me smile every time I see them.  My husband actually picked out the fur ornaments.  When my man picks out something as trendy and cool as that, I go along with it.

A wide view of a bright living room in Okinawa, Japan decorated for a holiday home tour showing a Christmas tree with tinsel garland and lots of pink and copper ornaments next to a piano and tv on modern wood media cabinet.  A large grey and white trellis rug anchor the seating area with two camel colored barrel chairs, grey sofa, and white campaign style side table.  Lots of windows with white sheer curtains keep the room light and airy.
Christmas Decorations in the Living Room

You can see we have a lot of natural light and I love the contrast of the tree and piano with all of our light furnishings. We were lucky to find some cute pieces here like the pair of chairs and gorgeous walnut media stand all second hand!

A close up of a christmas tree with copper tinsel garland and lots of ball ornaments in pinks and coppers.  A tv on a modern media stand in a bright living room is in the background.
Christmas Tree Tinsel Garland Looks Gorgeous in Copper

Some of my repurposed ornaments were done with ribbon tape from the local dollar store, 100 Yen store. The snowflakes actually came from the Dollar Tree.

Somehow, I caught Meow Meow in the perfect pose. We found and adopted him in our neighborhood as a young kitten.

A fun picture of a white cat jumping down a black grand piano with a beautiful Christmas tree in the background decorated with pink tinsel garland, snowflakes, and berry toned ornaments.
Meow Meow in Front of Our Christmas Tree

I’m trying to figure out a way to add lights outside (the only outlet outside is at the back of the house) but I did find this cute wreath for about $10 to add a festive touch to our front door.  It would probably cost more to make myself so I was happy to snag it. 

A cute wreath made from pinecones, bark, and berries hang on a front door of a Japanese rental home for a holiday home tour.
A Cute Japanese Christmas Wreath

We have a beautiful wood staircase with open ceilings that leads to three bedrooms and a second full bathroom upstairs. In our bedroom, you might recognize Buck (the deer pillow) from my post on Styling His and Her Bedside Tables.

A white and airy bedroom decorated for a holiday home tour with a pillow with a picture of a buck on a gold canopy bed.
Our Holiday Bedroom with Buck the Deer Pillow

I also added some ornaments to the basket on the bookcase and a cute wooden deer.  The beautiful wooden Asian eterge was another second-hand find for under $100. I love thrifting in Okinawa!

A beautiful Asian wood eterge decorated for Christmas with art, and decor in light colors.
A Thrifted Eterege Decorated for the Holidays

My sister and I went shopping and I bought a paper vintage garland while I was visiting Fort Worth and draped it on our mirror.  It sits on a government-issued furniture dresser. I have found creative ways to work around the ugly furniture.

A large silver mirror leans on a dresser in a Japanese rental home with vintage portrait pictures, modern art, and vintage holiday garland around the mirror.
Vintage Garland on a Bedroom Mirror

Our bathroom received a little Christmas cheer with some small ornaments and candy cane salts and lotion.  The bathrooms in this house are so cute and have large windows. This one opens up to a small and private terrace.

Miniature red and green ornaments with pinecones nestle with bath care items and a tropical plant on a rustic bench in a Japanese rental home bathroom decorated for a holiday home tour.
Christmas Decor in the Bathroom

Let’s head back downstairs.  The kitchen table is decorated with a bottle brush tree, a candle holder wreath, and ornaments corralled on my cake stand.  New placemats overlapping each other create a cute table runner.

A small gold wire Christmas tree sits in small silver wreath with gold and black and white ornaments on a cake stand for a simple kitchen table centerpiece.
A Simple Holiday Centerpiece

The kitchen opens up to the living room and got a major refresh during the One Room Challenge.

A renter kitchen makeover reveal with floral cabinets in Okinawa, Japan.
Our Floral Kitchen

Did you see the Japanese paint brush-inspired ornaments? I used some of them on our coffee table and tree too.  I love the pop of black and white with the warm coppers and wine tones.

A federal style coffee table painted grey holds two large white trays with Christmas ornaments in orange and black and white, a crystal prism, flowers, and books.
Christmas Coffee Table Decor

Another Christmas DIY are these felt scalloped trees that you can find.

Tall cattails in an aqua vase add red and green holiday decor with felt scalloped Christmas trees on the end of a pretty walnut media stand.
Holiday Home Tour in Japan

Our under $1 washi wall showcases most of the Christmas decor.  I hung my new DIY stockings made with recycled clothes and added a repurposed Dollar Tree nativity set, wrapped gifts, and a faux flower arrangement. 

A renters wall decorated with washi tape in a diamond pattern features DIY stockings and a deer head behind a baby grand piano next to a Christmas tree with tinsel garland.
DIY Stockings Behind the Piano
A dollar store nativity is given a modern update with white spray paint and is displayed in a pretty tiled tray on a black piano with gifts in the background.
Updated Dollar Store Nativity
Dried and faux florals in red, pink, and white sit in a white vase on the back of a piano for Christmas decor with a stocking hung on the wall in the background.
Easy Flower Arrangement for Christmas

I love getting pics of our pets in my posts.  Here’s our pup Misha napping while I’m snapping pictures.

A cute brown dog is sleeping a bright and airy living room in Okinawa, Japan decorated for a holiday home tour.
Misha Dog

One of my favorite vignettes is our sofa table.  I bought a German Moravian star to celebrate advent but didn’t have a place to hang it.  My husband suggested sitting it on our Okinawan pine table.  I love that man!  It’s a beautiful contrast.  More wrapped presents make for free Christmas decor.

A pretty pine live edge table sits behind a sofa with a Moravian star pendant light and wrapped gifts.  A beautiful Christmas tree with tinsel garland and lights is glowing in the background.
Easy Christmas Decorating with Wrapped Presents with Ribbon

And that wraps up our holiday home tour!

Christmas tree tinsel garland looks beautiful on a Christmas tree with pink and copper ornaments in this holiday home tour with a pinterest title.
Christmas Tree Tinsel Garland and Pink and Copper Ornaments on a Beautiful Tree
Holiday Home Tour graphic for a blog hop.
Holiday Home Tour

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  1. The cat picture is perfect!! I just love your style, so clean and simple. Those DIY stockings are awesome. I just bought some shirts today to make some! Well done!

    1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see how they turn out! That cat cracks me up. Sometimes he walks on the keys in the middle of the night. It’s a little spooky. lol

    1. Thanks Tara! I was stressed about where the stockings would go but it worked out. One day I’ll have a fireplace again. Just not on a sub-tropical island. lol Happy holidays!!

  2. Kathy, your house is AMAZING! every thing is so stunning! You are one talented lady!
    And I love how you got your animal companions in your shots!
    Happy holidays!

  3. Your home is really fresh and pretty, Kathy. I love the brush stroke ornaments and good on your husband for finding the perfect spot for the Moravian star. I always enjoy seeing your home–it’s always styled so well. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  4. Kathryn, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your home and how you decorated it for the holidays. You are a decorating QUEEN. The last picture with Meow Meow is priceless…It looks like it came from a cat magazine or a commercial, so cute.

  5. You have such a unique AND GORGEOUS style to your home! I feel like I could look around for hours!!! So glad you participated in this Home Tour, it was an honor to be surrounded by so many amazing bloggers! Pinned! xo

  6. I absolutely love the pink tinted garland on your tree. I might be on an old website but I would love to know where you got them from.

    1. Oh thank you! I was living in Japan at the time and found the garland at our military exchange if I remember correctly. I would love on Amazon for pink/copper tinsel garland! It’s so inexpensive and cute. I hope you check out this year’s tree! It’s going live tomorrow. 🙂

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