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How to Create Beautiful Spring Vignettes and a Colorful Home Tour

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See how to create beautiful Spring vignettes with colorful and eclectic finds in this fun home tour featuring a maximalist style.

Changing up decor for the season doesn’t have to be a chore! Have fun and play with what you already have. Find inspiration in over 20 home tours and style your own Spring vignettes.

How to Style a Spring Vignette and Seasonal Home Tour

Welcome to A Stroll Thru Life’s annual Spring Home Tour blog hop. I have so much fun participating in this series and am excited to share with you home updates and Spring decor.

If you are coming from Whispering Pines Homestead, welcome. I adore Anita’s home style which happens to also be colorful and maximalist but in a beautiful traditional way. She is a fellow musician and military veteran so we have a lot in common.

Scroll down to the end of this article to see the full lineup of home tours this week.

I recently completed a major makeover in our hallways which you see right away in the foyer so let’s start here, shall we?

A foyer with white walls and a beautiful walnut cabinet is decorated with a Spring vignette.  A money plant is in a small white pot with a large brass crane and lucite sculpture sitting in a bonsai planter.  A vintage tin Asian lamp is on the other side of the cabinet.  Neutral art in a small gallery wall hangs above.  To the left are two-toned blue and green walls.
An Eclectic Spring Vignette

If you are new here, howdy! I’m a retired military spouse who moved back to Texas after being gone for 19 years.

I perfected the art of rental decorating and overcoming challenges in small spaces for over fifteen years but now am tackling homeownership with a new set of challenges!

Our family of four lived in some of the most beautiful coastal towns in the US and Japan which have influenced my colorful and global style with DIYs and furnishings in our one-story 60’s ranch-style home in Fort Worth.

Spring Vignette #1

The foyer chest belonged to my grandmother so it is a special piece of furniture. I styled it with estate sale finds and a money plant. A tin Asian lamp on one side balances out the plant, a lucite sculpture, and a large crane. The tray they are in is actually a planter.

A beautiful Spring decorated foyer with blue and green walls in the hallway and a white wall in the entry with a small gallery wall above a walnut cabinet.
Spring Foyer Decorating

There are two original paintings, a framed signed playbill by Cole Porter, and a few fun dried florals I found recently at a garage sale.

A collection of dried flower hangings and a brass feather sconce is on a white wall.
Dried Floral Hangings

Almost every flat surface whether it is a table or wall I think about decorating in grids or columns and using odd numbers. You’ll notice the two sides on the cabinet and then two rows of art evenly spaced on the walls.

A beautiful balance of two-toned hallway walls in blue and green with a large Japanese screen and a white foyer wall with ink and watercolor landscapes gallery wall above a walnut cabinet.
Two-toned Walls in Spring Colors

To the left of the foyer table are my green and blue hallways. The perfect color scheme for Spring! You can find all of the details from molding, two-toned walls, and art in this article. But here’s one more quick view below.

The brass knobs in this tour were gifted from Signature Hardware and they add such a beautiful detail to our home, I’m still pinching myself. The flush light in the hallway is also from Signature Hardware.

A view down a hallway with two-toned blue and green walls and large mirror at the end reflecting a bright and colorful living room. A bench is under the mirror and a pretty brass flush light on the ceiling with matching brass knobs on doors.
Hallway Decor

Just to the right of the foyer table is the actual entry featuring a matching brass doorknob gifted from Signature Hardware that my husband just installed last weekend on the front door.

A pretty mint green front door with a brass plated door knob in a white foyer with a blue and green rug, plants, and round gold mirror.
Mint Green Front Door with Brass Doorknob

A simple seasonal setting with a bar cart, spider plant in a chinoiserie planter, and picnic basket for storage underneath was all the entry needed for a Spring update. When you use a lot of decorating items as I do, it’s nice to have a few bigger pieces for a visually quieter area.

Simple spring styling for a gold bar cart with a spider plant in a chinoiserie bowl in a tray basket on the top shelf and a large picnic basket on the bottom shelf.  Black lacquered Asian art on the white wall above.
Simple Styling for a Gold Bar Cart

Spring Vignette #2

Our living areas are an open concept in a small single-story ranch home so really you can see most of it as soon as you walk in.

A view from the living room to the front door and piano in front of a large picture window.  Teal and hot pink curtains are against a dark green wall with a grey music cabinet.  Dark purple flowers are on a white coffee table in front of a green club chair.
Living Room with Jewel Tones for Spring

My daughter brought me home flowers a few days ago and I used them as a starting point for Spring decorating in the living room. They look really pretty with the teal and pink velvet curtains in the front room. I pulled out a pair of purple pillow covers and a floral pillow to change up the sofa.

A beautiful sage green velvet sofa is styled with purple and floral pillows with purple flowers and books on a white and chrome coffee table.  White walls and a white and cane cabinet are behind the sofa to create a lovely a Spring vignette.
Green and Purple Spring Vignette Styling

The coffee table is divided into four quadrants with decorative books. I used the flowers and a pair of brass cranes on two stacks to add height and kept the other two simple with a decorative box to hide remotes and a stone apple on a tea light candle holder, and brass stand. Layering is key in decorating!

A bright living room view into the foyer with pops of green and blue and global decorating in maximalist style for Spring.
Cozy and Eclectic Traditional Spring Decorating

I finally took down my Christmas garland which kept the living room cozy during winter and replaced it with a matching set of candlesticks and stone decorative eggs.

A landscape oil painting hangs above a light blue floating mantel with candlesticks and stone eggs for a Spring vignette on a german smear fireplace.  A brass peacock and white built in shelves with colorful books and decor complete the wall with a white washed wood and chrome coffee table styled with books, flowers, and brass cranes.
Spring Mantel Decorating
A white and green living room with global eclectic decorating style bright white walls, green art, white coffee table, green chairs, and built in bookcase on a german smear wall with a large tv and colorful books.
White and Green Living Room

A small sofa table features a small Spring setting with global easter eggs in a crystal basket, a jewelry box egg, and a glass bunny.

A small Spring vignette on a blue and walnut sofa side table with a crystal basket and Asian egg box next to a green velvet sofa.
Side Table Decor
A close up of a stack of books on a glass tray with a crystal basket holding global eggs, glass bunny, and black Asian jewelry box egg.
My Easter Decor

Spring Vignette #3

Behind the sofa are an art deco desk and a striking yellow and bluebird painting. I didn’t put much thought into the decor on the desk except for the tall candlesticks on the right. The left small chest holds teaching supplies for when I teach piano lessons and the items in the middle just looked like a curated collection of foliage so I left it!

Maximimalist decorating for Spring in the living room showing an art decor desk with a blue global table cloth, and curated collection of foliage and brass candle sticks.  A large painting with chartreuse green and dark blue birds is striking on a white wall.  French doors showing the office is next to the desk with a zz plant in a basket planter on a black Asian stand.
My Favorite Estate Sale Piece of Art
A curated eclectic Spring vignette on a blue global table cloth showing a small bamboo chest, air plant in a Japanese pottery bowl, and dried floral stems in glass and gold cloches next to a trio of tall brass candlesticks with colored candles.  A bold green and blue bird painting is hanging above.
Curated Eclectic Spring Vignette

I always think about spaces around furniture when I’m decorating. If a small stool and/or plant will fit, I do it! Also, enjoy more updated gorgeous brass knobs on my office door. It’s like jewelry for the home.

White french doors with brass knobs and hanging brass bells show a colorful green office with bird wallpaper.  Dark blue velvet chair, garden stool, and plant are in the foreground.
White French Doors with Brass Knobs

I can’t wait to share more of my Spring decor next week in another home tour but I’m dying to show you our bedroom. We finally finished the door threshold, barn door, and new Signature Hardware pull on the door in our master bedroom and it looks perfect for Spring!

A master bedroom with a grey anthropologie landscape mural on the wall and a dried fern wreath hanging above a green velvet headboard wtih white bedding, white side tables and lamps, and dark blue velvet throw pillows. A light blue upholstered modern bench is at the foot of the bed on a traditional rug. To the left is a bold green barn door with gold hardware and pull leading to the ensuite bathroom.
Spring Bedroom with Dried Fern Wreath

The bedroom looks almost the same as last year’s summer home tour but I switched rugs with the piano studio. And now, of course, there’s a pop of blue and green to the small ensuite bathroom.

A green barn door with a gold pull looks stunning with a pop of blue in the threshold leading to the master ensuite bathroom with dark green floral wallpaper.  A neutral landscape mural is on the bedroom side with white walls and furniture and eclectic decorating.
Blue, Green, and Gold Bathroom Barndoor
A wall mounted tv and art gallery wall is over a white dresser next to a green bathroom sliding door.  Blue and white bedding and a blue bench and colorful rug are also featured.
White Bedroom Walls with Pops of Color

I used the same green that is in our hallway so the room feels cohesive with the doors open! And doesn’t the barn door hardware look beautiful?

A wide view of a bedroom wall painted bright white with the hallway door and bathroom doors open.  The hallway has two-toned blue and green walls and the bathroom door is the same green with a dark green floral wallpaper inside. A gallery wall with a wall mounted tv is above a white dresser.
A view from the bathroom showing an opened green sliding door with a brass pull and blue threshold and a glimpse of marble molding, white tile wainscoting and floral green wallpaper.  The view is into the bedroom with white walls and blue and white textiles and neutral landscape mural.
View from Bathroom into Bedroom

It is really nice having a handle after months of the bathroom being done last Fall for the One Room Challenge.

A small ensuite bathroom with green floral wallpaper above white tile wainscoting.  A grey open leg sink vanity and glass shower door help the room look bigger.
Green Floral Bathroom

I placed a faux plant in a pink planter on the back of the toilet and hung cactus art on the wall for Spring!

Beautiful floral green wallpaper with green windowsill and white tile wainscoting in a small bathroom.
Green, Grey, and White Bathroom
A garden inspired bathroom with green floral wallpaper and white tile looks perfect for Spring.
Garden Bathroom

Thanks so much for stopping by! Head over to The Stonybrook House for the next Spring home tour and I’ll see you there.

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Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

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  2. Love your beautiful colorful home so much. The perfect spring vibe. I’m now seriously contemplating putting a sliding door like yours in front of my bathroom. I’m obsessed.

  3. I’ve always loved your bold color and fun style. You have so many wonderful treasures. And your wallpapers are amazing! Such a great spring tour. You’ve inspired me to do a little something in the guest bathroom. 🙂 Glad to have hopped with you this week.

  4. I’m a big fan of color – especially this time of year! Your home is so pretty and I love all the happy colors in each room. Great vignettes and so many fun pieces to look at…Thanks for the lovely tour!

  5. I love seeing some of your antique Asian pieces and I adore all of your art. You do have some beautiful collages of your art throughout the house. That new hardware is indeed stunning, definitely jewelry for the home. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, your home is always so fun to visit and I really enjoy your color sense and style.

  6. I really like your eclectic use of color, estate sale finds, antiques and newer pieces! It makes for a very cozy and collected home! And the color of your front door is so perfect for Spring!

  7. I love your gorgeous home and all of that glorious color! Your vignettes are beautiful and I want that Cole Porter playbill! How cool is that?! Your home and style are beautiful. Happy spring! xo

  8. Kathy, it’s always fun to see how you change things and add decor items for your seasonal home. I have to say, (I know it may sound silly), but I think your adorable powder room is my fave! Love that wallpaper! So fun touring with you! Hope to see you at MWA tomorrow!

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